Friday, December 25, 2015

All I want for Christmas are...

These babiesssss~~~

Merry Christmas Everyone! May the warmth of Christmas bring joy to you and your family.


Some people maybe know that I'm a snowglobe collector. Mostly my collections are country snowglobe. But when it comes to the cute things, I can't say no~~~ especially a cute snowglobe. This year I add 3 new christmas snowglobe into my collections (so far I've already have 100+ snowglobes from all over the world and also random snowglobe).

Let me introduce you to my new babies~ the first one is Santa Claus. Last year, I saw a similar snowglobe like this on one of my friend's instagram. I asked her where she got it, and she said she bought it from Philliphine *so sad*. I've been searched the santa claus snowglobe like this (the one that had his head inside the globe and the body outside the globe), and fortunately last month I saw this one at DAISO! only for IDR 25 K. very cheap and cute!!! omg~

Since Santa Claus feels lonely when he alone, I decided to bought some companions for him. These 2 babies~ reindeer and snowman bought from Scoop for IDR 69 K / each (can you see the different in price? sigh. Nothing can beat Daiso for cheap price hehehe). I'm soooo happy because I can found these cute snowglobes. I always attract with head inside globe and body outside globe type. And it really hard to get this type around. 

Now, my christmas snowglobe is complete~

Thanks for reading and Happy Holiday!

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