Friday, December 18, 2015

IPL Treatment at Tokyo Belle [Final Review]

Hi, today I will write a final report about my IPL treatment at Tokyo Belle Surabaya. I was tried their IPL treatment for 3 times to remove unwanted hair on my lower arm. Since I started this treatment (back on August), I can see there is a difference on my arm hair. First of all, it is grow slower than before. Yes, we know that IPL is widely known to be use as a hair removal treatment. As far as I know, to make the hair completely gone and stop growing, I must do the treatment several times every month (like 8-10 times). By now, I got a chance to try 3 times of the IPL treatment and so far I can see some of parts of my arm are quite clean and hair free. But some other parts still have hair. To summary my experience with IPL, I make some Q&A review.

this is my lower arm, taken on December 17th

Dit it hurt to the IPL? No, it didn't. The most pain you can feel is just a warm sensation on your skin and it's only for second.

Did The hair grow slower? Yes, it did.

Did the hair stop growing? In my case, it didn't. The beautician said, everything is depends on our hormone. some people only need several treatments and they are pleased with the result. but some people maybe need more time.

Is there any bad effect on your skin? During these 3 months, I didn't have any problem with my skin after tried the IPL treatment. please note that I also don't have sensitive skin to begin with.

Did the treatment worth to try? If you have unwanted hair problem and have a chance to try it, I think I will said yes! afterall it really works to help your hair grow slower than before. 

Read my full review [part 1 and 2] here

Thank you Tokyo Belle for the chance given to me :) 


  1. Wow, it seems great.
    I'd really want to get this. Tapi sayang di Malang belum ada kayaknya :(

  2. great!
    I'm planning to try IPL soon at tokyo belle, just bought package for underarm :p wish me luck babe


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