Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Office Essentials ♥

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Have you experienced sudden meeting where you have to meet important person but your make up aren't on point? Like, you have oily T-zone, your lipstick are wiped because you eat lunch, or you're not confident enough with your smell after working for hours?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

First Impression + Mini Review: Zia Skin Care [SBBxZiaSkinCare]

Halooo~ kembali lagi aku akan membahas mengenai project terbaru dari Surabaya Beauty Blogger. Kali ini SBB bekerja sama dengan Zia Skin Care dan memberi kesempatan kepada membernya untuk mencoba beberapa produk dari Zia. Buat yang masih awam dan belum pernah dengar tentang brand ini, yuk lanjut baca sampai habis~ *PS: ada info tentang contest juga lho~*

Friday, November 18, 2016

Beauty Blogger vs Smartphone!

Haloo teman-teman semua~ bagaimana kabar kalian? Kali ini aku mau sharing sedikit tentang kehidupanku sebagai beauty blogger. Sebenarnya tidak ada yang spesial sih dengan menjadi seorang beauty blogger. Menurutku perbedaannya hanya aku sedikit lebih aware tentang kecantikan (seperti produk apa yang baru di pasaran, beauty event, atau trend make up terbaru). Nah, untuk menunjang kegiatan blogging-ku sehari-hari, aku banyak dibantu oleh teknologi yang namanya Smartphone.

Begitu elegan

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Review: Lola Make Up [Sponsored - SBBxZataru]

Hello ladies, ada yang pernah dengar tentang brand Lola Make Up?  Mungkin brand ini masih awam ya di telinga kita. Nah, kali ini Surabaya Beauty Blogger bekerja sama dengan dan memberikan aku kesempatan untuk mereview beberapa produk dari Lola Make up.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Face Shop x My Other Bag BB Cushion

Hello~ I'm back again with another BB Cushion review. I bought 3 new BB Cushions couple months ago and now I will flooding your timeline with my review~ This time I will talk about BB Cushion from The Face Shop. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion

Say hello to my new BB Cushion. This is called Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion. I'm really happy when I saw this BB Cushion at Etude House AC line, it's like dream come true. A BB Cushion for acne skin!!! of course I need to get this! I never tried any AC line product but always heard that it works good for acne. I hope the BB Cushion also worth to try~

Check out my review below~

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Body Shop Tea Tree Daily Solution

The Body Shop launched a new product from their tea tree line called tea tree daily solution. Being a die-hard fans of tea tree, I make sure to buy the new product as soon as possible and finally last month I bought it. I always beg for a tea tree serum from TBS. I used all their tea tree range since few years ago (maybe around 2009 or 2010), they had everything from cleanser to face mask. They even have tea tree blotting paper! but why no serum?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Review: SBB X Zoya Cosmetic ~ Eyeliner, Coloring Eyebrow and Lip Paint [Sponsored]

Hello ladies, kali ini aku balik lagi mau share tentang project kerjasama Surabaya Beauty Blogger dengan salah satu local brand Indonesia yaitu Zoya Cosmetic. Sepanjang yang aku tahu, Zoya merupakan brand fashion yang cukup dikenal di kalangan anak muda. Nah, ternyata selain fashion, Zoya juga merambah ke beauty product juga. Sebagai salah satu anggota Surabaya Beauty Blogger, aku berkesempatan untuk mencoba beberapa produk dari Zoya Cosmetic. Yuk, lanjut baca lagi untuk tahu mengenai reviewku tentang kosmetik dari Zoya ini~

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shop Online: Althea + SBBxAlthea Haul ♥ [Sponsored]

Hai hai~ ada yang pernah dengar tentang Althea? Untuk yang sering follow beauty blogger pasti pernah dengar tentang online shop yang satu ini. Althea adalah online shop yang menjual produk-produk kecantikan Korea yang dikirim langsung dari Korea. Althea cukup terkenal di kalangan beauty junkies karena harga yang ditawarkan kebanyakan lebih murah dari online shop sejenis, dan juga Althea menawarkan free shipping (bebas bea cukai juga) jika berbelanja diatas Rp 500.000,- [Selama Bulan Oktober lagi ada promo, free shipping dengan belanja hanya Rp 299.999,-]

Penasaran tentang Althea dan hasil belanjaanku? Click to read more :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 Drugstore Products That Work For Me!

Haloo~ Hari ini aku mau share tentang produk-produk yang bisa dengan mudah kalian temukan di departement store seperti Matahari, Metro, Centro, dll. Banyak sekali merek yang bisa dikategorikan sebagai drugstore brand. Aku sendiri mendefinisikan drugstore brand sebagai merek yang gampang ditemukan di toko-toko hehehehe. Untuk harga pun sangat bervariasi mulai dari harga yang murah sampai mahal. Nah, kali ini aku mau share 5 produk drugstore favoritku dengan harga yang terjangkau.

Friday, September 16, 2016

August Haul

Hello~ Today I want to share about my latest haul. I didn't bought much last month because I was busy prepared my big day. And also I move into my new house and everything are still messy, so I lost few things in between my mom house and my new house hahaha. Here are some that I want to share with you~

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack [Sponsored]

You know, I'm such a sucker when it comes to sheet mask. I love to try new brand and new kind of mask. Few weeks ago, I received a foot mask from Kocostar to try along with their slice mask sheet and also flower mask sheet. I've tried foot mask before from another brand, but this time the mask is slightly different with the one that I've tried. Curious?

The product's name is Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Kocostar Flower Sheet Mask [Sponsored]

Hi again, I'm still talking about Kocostar. If you missed my first post, click here to read about how interesting the slice mask sheet from Kocostar. Speaking of interesting product, these products are also very unique. Have you heard about flower mask sheet? This is the first time I try a flower mask! Read more to know about my review~

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet [Sponsored]

Hello ladies, I'm back with a new review! This time I will talk about an interesting mask sheet from Kocostar. Have you heard about this brand? Well, Kocostar is a korean brand that focused on mask sheet for head to toe. Today I will talk about their slice mask sheet. Read more to find out about this interesting mask~

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wedding Diary: Bridal Shower

Hello~ Sorry for being MIA, I still adjusting to my new life. It's been a week since I got married and move in to my new house. So, everything is still messy and hectic. I still have many reviews to come, I hope I can publish it next week.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

In Memoriam~Our Beloved Friend..

This post is dedicated to Yessy Suwandi..

This is such a shocking news, for those who active in Indonesia Beauty Blogger Group / Surabaya Beauty Blogger Group, maybe already heard about this news. One of my fellow blogger from Surabaya was passed away this morning. It was so sudden, and make all of us shock. I still remember I saw her post the day before. She enjoyed the independence day holiday at Djati Lounge Malang. But today, I heard the news that she is no longer with us. 

Yesarela Suwandi or better known as Yessy Suwandi is the owner of online shop Bell's Etude House. I knew her years ago, at the earlier years of my blogging life. She is super kind and offer to sponsored my blog by sending me few products to try. For a new blogger like me, that offer is like GOLD. I feel like I'm trusted. She is very loyal, she always send me a lot of things and even chat me once a while if I want to try something new. Super grateful that I met her as one of my sponsor.

I met her back then at Etude House Beauty Class. First impression, she is very beautiful and stylish. She is a tough person, you can easily judge it from her appearance but she is the nicest person that I knew through this online world.

We may not meet often, not chit chat often. In fact I remember the last time I met her was last year. At that time she was pregnant and few months after I got proposed. We joke that we should be make a new group for the housewife blogger after I got married. That conversation still very clear in my mind. Now, few days before my wedding day, I heard this unfortunate news about you, yessy...

Words can't express how sad I am. As a same age friend, I regret that you must leave the world this soon. But, GOD sure have a plan. I hope you can rest in peace my friend. And may GOD give strength to your husband, daughter, and families. 

Today, heaven welcome a new angel.. that angel called Yessy..

Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Emina Oh So Kissable

Hai..hai~ aku kembali lagi dengan review lipstick. Kali ini datang dari merk lokal yang terkenal karena packagingnya yang imut dan girly abis, yaitu EMINA. Ini merupakan produk emina pertamaku dan aku suka sekali dengan kualitasnya~

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wedding Diary: Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Here comes the third diary about my wedding preparation. Now I will talk about my pre-wedding photoshoot. We (BF and me) decided to shoot our pre-wedding pictures in Hong Kong and Macau (That was the reason why I went to HK few months ago). Why choose HK? well, both of us not really like beach / scenery like mountain, green grass, etc. We are more fond to city view, buildings with many colourful light, and things like that. That's why we decided Hong Kong and Macau as our destinations.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July Haul

Hello again haul post~ These are my new items from last month. Actually I still have few items left but since mostly I bought with pre-order system, I need to wait longer until it's ready. Meanwhile, I can't wait to share what I have now with you :)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Etude House Big Cover BB Concealer

I bought myself a new BB Cream last month, because I run out my HG BB cream from Skin79. I decided to buy a new one from Etude House called Big Cover BB Concealer. I was sold with the word "cover", I heard this BB Cream works not only as a base but also as a concealer because it also contains concealer. My skin is far from flawless, that's why I decide to give this product a try.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Introducing: EasySpa

Do you often feel like you want to relax and having a "me-time" but you don't know where the perfect place to go? Well, today I bring a good news! Let me introducing you to "EasySpa" What is that? Read more to know about this amazing app~

easy spa

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My week on Instagram + Announcement

My schedule is quite hectic this month as my wedding day is coming closer. I just realized I run out a new post to publish from my draft *sigh*. So, today's topic is just random post about my daily life and a little announcement~

Let's start about the long holiday few weeks ago. I'm quite sad because I can't go anywhere during the holiday. My father in-law probihited me to leave the city because the big day is coming soon. In chinese tradition, there is a belive that you shouldn't travel too far from home when it is near your big day. So, I just spent the whole week in my hometown, wandering from mall to mall, while the others are flooding my instagram timeline with the picture of HK, Singapore, Sydney, Paris, and even Maldives! omg, the holiday game is super strong this year~ hahahaha~ 

Monday, July 18, 2016

DIY: My Own BB Cushion

Hey~ I'm sure you've already knew about the famous cosmetic called BB Cushion. I believe the first one who started the trend is korean brand. Even my very first BB Cushion is from Laneige. But, nowadays many other brands also have their own BB Cushion. Some drugstore brand like Maybelline and L'oreal also have BB Cushion Product.

Joined the hype, I also want to make my own BB Cushion! yes, you read it right, I want to make my BB Cushion. Recently I bought a new bb cushion set from local online shop. I've heard about this set quite a while but it's quite rare for local online shop to sell it. So when one of my friend sells it on Instagram, I quickly grab one. Today I will break down the set for you and also I will make a DIY BB Cushion yay~

it's my cushion

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: Kanebo Kate Snow Skin CC Base For Cover

Hello, this time I'll talk about another Kanebo Kate product that I bought from HK few months ago. My first review about the eyeliner is kinda dissapointed because I don't like how it turns. Now I want to review the base make up. Let's see~

When the first time I saw this product, I was quite confused about this product type. The name is Snow Skin CC Base for Cover. Is it CC Cream? or is it something like primer? Because for a base product like CC or BB cream, the amount is quite small (25 g), but the name also contains word "for cover" so I think it will works like BB cream/foundation?

Monday, July 11, 2016

First Impression: Mineral Botanica Skincare

Hi, baru-baru ini aku nyobain salah satu brand lokal yang cukup booming di kalangan perempuan Indonesia, called Mineral Botanica. Agak telat sih karena aku baru tentang brand ini beberapa waktu belakangan hehehe. Aku jarang banget update tentang brand-brand lokal dan juga sekarang ini banyak banget brand kosmetik yang bertebaran di luaran baik lokal maupun non lokal. Biasanya aku selalu stuck dengan merk yang sama yang sudah aku kenal dan pakai produknya beberapa kali.

mineral botanica

Nah, beberapa waktu yang lalu aku sempat browsing di Shopee (aplikasi jual beli di ponsel) dan keliatan salah satu seller yang jual Mineral Botanica. Waktu aku lihat-lihat ternyata harganya cukup murmer dan packagingnya lumayan oke dan menarik (Yes, I'm judge the cosmetic by it's packaging first). Akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk membeli 3 items yang semuanya adalah skincare. Maybe later I will try their cosmetic products. But for now, lemme talk about their skincare products~

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mid Year Favourite [Make Up Edition]

Hello~ Happy holiday everyone~ Today's topic is about Favourite Items! yay~~ I can't believe it's already July, which means this year already passed for 6 months and we only have another 6 months before the year change.. Because it's already mid year, I decided to make favourite post consist about everything that I love for these past 6 months. So here are my favourite items:

Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick

Hello~ another lipstick review is coming~ sorry for spamming this blog with lipstick review and swatches. You know I bought quite a lot of lipstick last month, so please bare with me hehehe~ This time the lipstick come from MAKE OVER~ *FYI, this a local brand*

I got this from Make Over Event few months ago along with the pencil eyeliner that I really love. The Matte lipstick is very booming lately and Make Over also have their signature matte lipstick called Ultra Hi-Matte.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Review: Peripera Peri's Cushion Lips

Hi today I want to write a review about a lip cushion from Peripera. BB cushion is really a big hit lately, so when I saw this lip cushion, I'm really curious and want to try it as soon as possible. My very first lip cushion called Peripera Peri's Cushion Lips. Thumbs up for the cute packaging. It looks like a big colourful marker

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: Cathy Doll Water Splash Essence with L-Glutathione

Hello~ beberapa waktu yang lalu aku posting tentang acara Cathy Doll di Surabaya. Nah, dari acara tersebut aku mendapatkan goodie bag yang isinya adalah produk ini: Cathy Doll Water Splash Essence with L-Glutathione. Kali ini aku mau mereview tentang produk tersebut. 

Sebelum melangkah lebih jauh, aku mau jelasin secara singkat terlebih dahulu tentang brand Cathy Doll untuk teman-teman yang mungkin belum pernah dengar. Cathy Doll adalah brand kosmetik korea yang lebih dikenal di Thailand, dan mungkin beberapa dari kalian salah sangka dan mengira ini adalah brand dari Thailand. Well, I'm also the same~ pertama kali dengar memang aku kira brand thailand karena banyak tulisan thai di packagingnya dan juga banyak artis/blogger thai yang ngiklanin tentang brand ini. Tetapi~ sekali lagi aku info bahwa Cathy Doll 100% asli kosmetik korea. Kenapa disangka dari Thailand? Karena pangsa pasar mereka besar di sana, jadi promosinya juga besar-besaran dan negara-negara sekitar jadi berpikir kalau ini dari Thailand.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Review: Tony Moly Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub

I admit that I bought this mask merely because the packaging is cute. I bought 2 of this mask (one is sleeping pack, review coming soon) and almost pick another one, just because I can't decided which one is cuter out of the three. The problem with Korean cosmetic brand, is their cute packaging. The problem with me is, I can't say no to cute packaging. Even BF and mom (whom beside me at that time I entered Tony Moly Shop at Macau, said it is super cute. And they can't believe that it's actually a mask. BF thought it was a decoration lol.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review: Kanebo Kate Quick Eyeliner

Hello, today I will talk about my latest pen eyeliner from Kanebo Kate. I purchased this eyeliner in HK during my trip few months ago. I knew this brand since years ago, and quickly fell in love with its quality. When I went to HK, I was really happy because I found this brand at Times Square. The price for this brand is very affordable. It also considered as a drugstore brand in Japan. 

So, I decided to give their eyeliner a try. I was looking for liquid eyeliner but can't found one, so I change my mind to pen eyeliner. I've tried their "try me" product before I decide to buy this eyeliner. Kanebo Kate has 2 different tip for the pen eyeliner (not sure if it comes from same range or not, but at that time, I saw 2 pen eyeliner, 1 with thin tip and 1 with thick tip.) because mostly I draw my eyeline with thick line, I buy the thick one.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Giveaway Winner

Helloo~ I'm back with the an announcement of my giveaway. Sorry for the late post, I'm quite busy lately so I don't have many time to make a new post *mostly my posts are scheduled, when I have leisure time, I tried to write 2-3 posts and stock it on my draft hehehe*. Anyway~ beberapa waktu aku mengadakan giveaway untuk teman-teman yang tinggal di Indonesia. Hmm jujur responsnya menurutku agak kurang meriah sih, aku sampai mikir apa karena hadiahnya yang kurang ya? hikz *mianhae~* next time aku coba bisa save more money and give you a better gift :)

Dengan post ini selain mau mengumumkan tentang pemenang giveawayku, aku juga mau mengucapkan terima kasih banget sama teman-teman yang udah join dan udah menyempatkan waktu untuk komen dan jawab pertanyaanku. Jawaban teman-teman semua luaarr biasa memberikan inspirasi buat aku dan blog ini. Ke depannya sih aku berharap bisa menjalankan semua ide-ide yang sudah diberikan oleh teman-teman.

Nah tanpa panjang lebar, berikut pemenang giveawaynya~ 

The First Winner..... Congrats tooo : Vindy Putri

Second Winner.. congrats too: Changelz

Selamat buat semuanya~ yang belum menang next time join lagi ya ^^
aku akan menghubungi para pemenang secepatnya and I hope you enjoy the gift :)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Review: Kracie Hadabisei Clearing Facial Cream / Acne Care White Cream

Hai semuanya, kali ini aku aku review produk skincare dari Kracie. Waktu aku post tentang produk ini di haul post beberapa waktu yang lalu, banyak teman yang memintaku untuk mereviewnya karena mereka jarang menemukan review tentang produk ini. Nah, kali ini aku akan share sekilas opiniku tentang produk ini.

Dilabeli sebagai Acne Care White Cream, waktu pertama kali aku buka packagingnya agak bingung, karena tulisan yang ada di dalamnya menyebutkan krim ini sebagai Clearing Facial Cream. Setelah aku cari-cari di google, memang betul Kracie Japan juga memberikan nama produk ini sebagai Clearing Facial Cream, namun entah kenapa saat masuk ke Indonesia, diberikan label baru dengan nama Acne Care White Cream. In my opinion~ mungkin bahasa acne white cream lebih mudah ditangkap ya? begitu baca namanya langsung paham bahwa ini krim untuk jerawat dan bisa memutihkan wajah. But, who knows~ ini sekedar opiniku aja sih hehehe~

Wedding Diary: Engagement Party

Hello, here come another post about my wedding. This time I will talk about my Engagement day. So, I'm having my engagement party back on May. Need to wake up at 5 and queue at the Salon because that day happen to be a "good day", so many people are having wedding and engagement party. A little bit panic because I was late from the schedule, but fortunately the event went smooth and yes, now I'm officially someone's fiancee. yayyy~

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May Haul

Hello~ I'm back again with new haul post. Last month I bought quite a lot of items and mostly are come from Victoria's Secret. They have a good deal for their products. Now here are my new VS products!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review: Silky Girl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm

I always love tinted lip balm, I think it is a good product as it moisturize lips and also give color in 1 swipe. I mean, I don't need to use 2 different lips products to get a nice color on my lips. I owned some tinted lip balm from Maybelline called baby lips and so far it is my favourite lip balm ever. I've mentioned it several times on different posts such as: My "in a hurry" Products and also 5 Products I'd recommend to Friend

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meet and Greet Cathy Doll Road To Asian Beauty Blogger

Helloooo~ I'm back with a new event report! Yay~ Sooooo, beberapa waktu yang lalu aku berkesempatan untuk menghadiri acara Meet and Greet with Cathy Doll Road to Asian Beauty Blogger. Buat teman-teman yang follow IBB mungkin sudah dengar tentang event ini dari blogger-blogger Jakarta karena acara serupa sudah dilaksanakan bulan April kemarin. Nah, tanggal 21 Mei 2016 kemarin giliran blogger Surabaya yang dapat kesempatan ketemuan dengan team Cathy Doll.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

FOTD: Make Over Royal Blue Eyeliner Pencil

Haloo~ kali ini mau share my recent FOTD dengan menggunakan eyeliner pencil dari Make Over sebagai highlightnya. Buat yang ketinggalan baca, beberapa waktu lalu aku sempat menghadiri acara beauty blogger gathering bersama Make Over dan salah satu isi goodie bag yang aku dapat adalah Eyeliner Pencil Royal Blue. FYI warna royal blue ini termasuk trend warna populer untuk tahun 2016 ini. 

Make Over Royal Blue Eyeliner

Monday, May 23, 2016

Review: Etude House Tint My Brows Gel

Hello~ today I want to talk about my latest eyebrow product from Etude House. When the first time I saw this product months ago on Etude House's website, I was really curious and want to try it as soon as possible. Finally I bought this product from local online shop. As you can see from the name, it is called Etude House Tint My Brows Gel. The idea of this product is to apply lot of product, go to sleep, and peel of the next morning, then you will get a natural brown eyebrow. I really want to try it and see myself if the product really works or not. If it works, it will be a big help to me because no need to draw my eyebrow again in the morning.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lippie Haul + Giveaway [CLOSED]

I've done something strange since last month. What is it? Well, since the second week of April until now, I've already bought 9 lipsticks! As long as I remember, I only have 1 lips to start with hehehe. Even my mom ask me, why I suddenly bought so many lipstick this month. Actually I don't have special reason, just because lately the promotions around me are about lipstick hahaha. You know I can't resist discount. All items are purchased through online shop, except for the Make Over lipstick is freebies from Make Over Event

Let me introduce you to my babies~

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review: Mizzu Eyebrow Matic Chocolate

Hellow~ hari ini mau bahas mengenai produk Indonesia yang sudah booming sejak beberapa waktu lalu, yaitu Mizzu. Agak ketinggalan sih, tapi aku beli produk eyebrownya mizzu ini bulan April kemarin. Eyeliner dan Mascaranya Mizzu ini cukup booming sejak tahun lalu karena harganya yang murmer dengan kualitas yang oke (berdasarkan review teman-teman blogger yang udah nyobain sih hehehe). Nah karena ga mau ketinggalan (walaupun udah ketinggalan sih hahaha) aku memutuskan membeli Mizzu Eyebrow Matic Chocolate. Kenapa ga beli eyeliner atau mascara? Well, pertama karena aku baru beli 2 eyeliner baru jadi agak sayang kalau beli eyeliner lagi, dan juga aku jarang banget pakai mascara (I prefer false lashes~) jadilah larinya ke eyebrow, secara belakangan ini lagi belajar gambar eyebrow yang baik ala-ala MUA gitu hehehe~

mizzu eyebrow matic

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Too Cool For School Egg Mouse Pack

Please welcome my very first Too Cool For School product ever~ clap..clap.. I bought this Egg Mouse Pack in HK, back on March. At that time it had a special price, sold at HKD 55 which means only IDR 93.500 yay~ I found it was super cheap, because I remember I saw the price for this product at local online store, and most of the sellers sell this around IDR 150.000 - 200.000. Nice deal isn't it?

Hello 2018!

Hai semuanya~~ I'm back again! di tengah kesibukan sebagai working mom, aku berusaha menyempatkan diri untuk nulis sesuatu di blog in...