Friday, January 29, 2016

FOTD: BF Birthday!

Hello, today I want to share my latest FOTD. Few days ago was BF's bday, so I had a dinner with him. That's mean I need to dress up and put on my make up hahahaha..if you know me in person, you will be know that I rarely wear make up unless it's weekend. Usually I only go with base make up and lip balm when I go to office, not even eyelid tape hahaha.. So, when it comes to make up, I want to keep it as simple as possible. I don't apply eyeshadow because I already wear soft lens and fake eyelashes, I guess it will too much if I do smoky make up for simple dinner. So, yeah..these are the products that I use

Skin 79 BB Triple Function (Orange) -- this is my HG BB Cream!
Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Etude House Blush Etoinette Series

Piccoli X2 black softlens
Etude House Oh My Eyeline (black) -- also my HG Eyeliner!
NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil
Unbranded False Eyelashes from Strawberry

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
Holika Holika Heartful Glossy Lipstick

I really like the false lashes because it really help to enhance my small eyes. This time I choose to use bold false lashes (usually I goes for natural) and turns out really good. I like my eyes so much. The quality is low, it's made from plastic and very stiff. The price is cheap so I think I shouldn't complain. The combination of bold lashes and soft lens make my eyes look more bigger, so I skip the eyeshadow. I only draw a thin line for my upper eyes and also draw my eyebrows. 

I use skin79 BB cream as base, this is my favourite BB Cream ever. It has heavy coverage (for large pores and acne scar) but it also very light. The color match my fair skin tone perfectly. Plus it has high SPF (suitable to use for day!). I also apply concealer to cover my dark circle (lately my dark circle become more and more worse hikz..blame the K-Drama!) and also my deep acne scar. And then finish everything with Rimmel stay matte powder, this powder really helps to control excess oil. Lastly, apply pink blush on my cheeks.

I use lip balm as a base and then apply lipstick. I choose coral color (my favourite color for lipstick) because it gives the "cute" feel and also slightly "Elegant", not too much like red lipstick but also not to pale like pink lipstick. It just perfect!

I guess I will also use this kind of look to celebrate CNY, I've already in the mood to celebrate CNY even though it still next month hahahaha, I even use cheong sam dress in the picture, bought it online and super satisfied with the quality. Somehow it makes me look more slimmer hehehe..

What do you think about my simple FOTD? 

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Losing Followers?

Few days ago, I noticed that my followers on GFC are decreased. At first it's only small number, start with 1 digit, another day passed and another followers are gone. Last time I counted, I've already lost 37 followers (and I guess it's still counting until... I don't know when). When the first time it happened, I though it's because I'm quite active this month, so maybe some people think I'm spamming their timeline and decided to unfollow my blog hahahaha.. Well, I don't really count the number of followers, but the sudden decrease in number sure made me curious~

A friend of mine, who happen to be a blogger, made a post on her FB about this sudden lost. She tought it was because she made a blog post about her winning trip to Japan, so some people maybe think she's bragging too much. But, turns out there are many people left comments on her post and said they also lost their GFC followers as well. Some of them explained, that Google is doing some sweeping for those who follow blogs using Twitter/FB account. They persuade people to use google/blogger account to follow blog, that's why those who follow my blog with twitter/FB accounts are removed.

Googled about it, and turns out it is true~ From Buzz.Blogger:

"As part of this plan, starting the week of January 11, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count."

Now that I know the real reason behind the sudden change number of followers, I feel more at ease. Well, at least you don't leave this blog because you bored with it, right? But, I think it's also quite pity for me. Losing followers are easy but gaining one is quite hard. Those followers are the one who stay with me for these past 5 years. So, in my perspective, it isn't quite fair to remove them just because they don't have google account. After all, this blog is open for public, not only for fellow bloggers friend. But, in the end I don't have any right to complaint hehehe. All I can do is encourage you all to sign-up on blogger and follow blogs that you like to read. By signing up you will have a blog account, and you can use it even when you don't write anything on your blog.

If you think that way is too complicated, here's the easy way: Subscribe via Email~

Search for little box like this, on my right sidebar, and enter your email. Then you'll get notified when I post something new *I promise I won't be spamming your inbox :)*

Have you encounter the same problem with your blog?

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Monday, January 25, 2016

My Make Up Pouch!

Hi ladies, I'm so happy because I can update my blog regularly this month. Thanks to BF who gave me a new laptop, now I can blog easily at home. I can't no longer touch my old laptop due various reasons, so mostly I write blog post from office. Now, I made myself write a new post every night before I sleep (and publish it the next day). That way I can keep this blog alive. I'll try to write various topic, not only about beauty but also anything else. Been so long since I post many posts in 1 month.

So, Bioderma currently having a quiz on their Instagram. We must upload a picture with this theme:

"Do you Bring Sensibio H20 on your daily make-up pouch?" 

Since I have some travel size of sensibio (Yes, I always buy some the travel size because it's easy to bring along. Bioderma bottle is always huge and not travel friendly), I decided to join the quiz. This is my version of Sensibio on my daily make up pouch:

PS: Actually the requirement for the quiz is only post picture on Instagram. You don't need to have a blog to join :)

I have 9 products inside my pouch and let me introduce you to them~

*Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow
I will not write a longer explanation about this BB cream, because I've made separate review about this baby. Please wait for my next post :) 

*Etude House Easy and Quick Pen liner
Been my favourite since years ago, but nowadays it's kinda difficult to get this liner. Not sure if it already DC(?). Basically it is a pen liner, but the tip is huge, so for people with small eyes like me, no need to re-draw to get a bold line.

*NYX Blotting Powder and Coastal Scent Pink Kabuki
Compact powder from NYX that I usually use as a finishing. It helps set my make up, and usually when I feel my face become too oily, I will dust this powder to reduce it. It is light color and almost like translucent for me, so don't ask about the coverage. But it sure help to reduce greasy feeling on my face.

*Canmake Cheek Gradation
I always choose pink for my blush. Pink works like magic on my fair skin. It helps give me a healthy shine. Plus this blush contains acceptable glitter. Instead of making me looks like a disco ball, it give me a fresher look. PS: It can works as a highlighter too, plus I can get several different colors when I blends it.

*Maybelline Baby Lips and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
My favourite duo ever! Baby lips is very moisturizing and helps to soften my lips. I usually use it as a base before I apply my SMLC. SMLC color is very intense and long lasting, though it's not make my lips dry, I prefer to use lip balm as base to make it more comfortable to wear.

*Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow
Again, I always prefer pink for casual / daily make up because it really helps to brighten the entire look. I usually goes for brown or black on weekend hahahaha. This eyeshadow comes in 3 colors and also an eyeshadow base. That's why it's really convenient to bring. I always like to bring something that have double function.

*Bioderma Sensibio H20
The most lazy thing to do, after a full day work / shopping is to remove my make up. When I reached home, usually I will become lazy hikz. If only we can go to sleep with our make up and not get any acne tomorrow morning~ To solve the problem, I usually bring the travel size of favourite make up remover with me. So, when I still on my way home (with car), I can remove my make up. That way, when I reach home, I only need to wash my face, apply some toner, and night cream. And wallla~~ I'm ready to sleep. hehehehe~ 

Actually I still have another pouch to bring that loaded with face mist, oil control film, cotton, hairties, etc. But, today's topic is about make up. So, I will end this post here.. Wish me luck with the Quiz~

Ah.. if you also want to join the quiz, you must be hurry and go check Bioderma's IG for the full information :) Good Luck!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Luxola and Sephora~

This morning, I've received an email from Luxola's CEO. It is said that will become as of 1st February. 

LX Silver

I'm really excited with this news. Luxola always become one of my favourite online shop. It carries a lot of brands variants that usually a little hard to get in Indonesia, the service also good. While, Sephora is a little heaven on earth for every girl. Sephora already open a branch in Jakarta, but for those who lived outside Jakarta, it still quite hard to get some products. With the newly launching of I'm sure it will become more easy to shop Sephora's products~ yay!

PS: Luxola currently having 30% off  for tools until January 24th, Hurry and visit their site to shop~ enter the code: LX-TOOLS30

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Black Doughnut~

Hi ladies, seperti yang sudah aku bilang di beberapa post sebelum ini, bahwa aku akan membahas mengenai produk Hair Secret dari Kay Collection yang baru aku beli beberapa waktu yang lalu. Nah, kali ini yang akan aku bahas adalah produk yang punya nama Velcro O Dango. Sepertinya penggunaan nama dango terinspirasi dari bentuknya yang bulat seperti dango hehehe. Kalau aku sendiri lebih prefer menyebut aksesoris ini dengan nama donat *here come the idea for the title*

Jadi, donat ini berfungsi untuk membantu kita membuat hair bun / konde dengan cepat. Trust me, I'm very helpless when it comes to style my hair~ rambutku tergolong super tebal dan agak susah untuk dimacem-macemin. Jadi kemarin waktu beli donat ini pun aku agak ragu apakah bisa dipakai atau tidak. Ternyataaa... donut satu ini bener-bener berfungsi lho~ dan sesuai dengan klaimnya yaitu ga pake susah hehehehe.. 

Berikut step by step penggunaan sesuai di packagingnya.

Nah berikut step by step dari aku :) Sorry kalau kualitas fotonya agak low, karena aku menggunakan web-cam di laptop dan bukan kamera digitalku yang biasa. Agak susah kalau mau foto pakai kamera jadilah aku memanfaatkan kamera laptop dengan kualitas yang agak low, harap maklum ya :)

1. Buat pony tail / ekor kuda. Kalau kalian mau buat high bun, bisa dikuncir agak tinggi.
2. Selipkan si donat di pony tail
3. Tempelkan rambut di sekitar pony tail ke velcro yang ada disekeliling donat. Kalau kalian punya rambut yang tebal seperti aku, bisa gunakan bantuan karet rambut biar lebih kuat. Setelah rambut disebar sampai menutupi donat, masukan 1 karet rambut, sehingga nanti akan terbentuk bun secara otomatis
4. Rapikan sisa rambut yang menjuntai dan lilitkan ke sekitar bun dengan bantuan bobby pin


pardon my tired and bare face~ this picture was taken after work :)

Cepat banget kan? dan hasilnya juga bun terbentuk dengan sempurna tanpa repot harus puter-puter rambut hehehehe..

Secara harga memang si donat ini agak mahal yaitu Rp 69.9 K, jujur memang banyak banget produk sejenis di luaran yang harganya jauh lebih murah dan aku yakin juga berfungsi sama dengan donatnya kay collection ini. Tetapi menurutku donat ini benar-benar berkualitas, baik dari kain donatnya sampai dengan velcronya. Oh ya selain warna hitam,  donat ini juga tersedia dalam warna coklat untuk kalian yang rambutnya disemir :)

Untuk yang tertarik beli bisa langsung mampir ke Kay Collection.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reply 1988~

I rarely discuss about K-drama on my blog, but I guess you already knew that I love anything about Korea so much. Recently one of my favourite drama has ended. It is Reply 1988. I've been following this series since the first season 2 or 3 years ago. The first one is Reply 1997 with Jung Eunji from Apink and Seo In Gook. I completely fell in love with the story plot and I'm very excited to play guess the husband. Reply 1994 come year after the first one, though I think the story is more complicated and "heavy" than the first one, I still like this drama. The "guess who the husband" game also become more and more complicated in this serie. Now, the latest Reply series is Reply 1988. As soon I knew, that they will produce another reply series, I already sat down in front of my computer to watch it! I always excited with this drama.

image credit: Asian Wiki

Beware: If you don't watch the drama, I suggest you stop read my post or you will found my post boring and annoying hehehe~

Finally after months, this drama has ended. Thought, I think the ending is completely mind blowing (men boong? in korean terms hahaha). Spoiler alert: The husband is Choi Taek! I always #teamtaek since the beginning (though in the middle I jump to become #teamjunghwan , but I back again to support choi taek), but I think the writer change the husband in the middle of the film. We, the viewers always believe that Junghwan is the husband (the clues are quite obvious) and also they put Junghwan's picture beside the main female picture on Asian Wiki. BF told me that usually the main male cast picture will be side by side with the main female cast, that's why he also guess the husband will be Junghwan. The writer also spoiled some important clue abut Taek not being the husband, but in the end it is Choi Taek!! arghh~ quite complicated, right?

Anyway, I saw many disappointed comments from the viewers about the ending. I also share the same opinion with them. I'm happy with the couple but I feel sorry for Junghwan. Even I don't feel really sorry for chilbong on Reply 1994, but this time, it is like a very sad love story hahahaha. But, I still happy for Choi Taek and Duk Soen Couple~ yay~~ For those who don't watch this drama, I guess you will confused with my post. I'm sorry, I just want to share my random thought about this drama~

After all, this is a good drama, if you have time, you should try watch all the series. Can't wait for another series, I hope they will make Reply 2000 or 2005 , though some fans predict they will make reply 1980, I personally think it is too far. Well, let's see what comes next~

Monday, January 18, 2016

Piccoli X2 Baby Eyes

If you searched my blog, you will notice that I never write a review about contact lens nor I had sponsored post about it. Yes, I never wear contact lens before. Well at least until last week, when the first time I tried to put something inside my eyes ever! The main reason why I never wear contact lens is because I'm too scared to put it. I also don't have any good reason about why should I wear one when I'm to scared to start it. But recently the good reason is come and I must try to wear contact lens for the first time. I asked my friend, who often wear lens, and she recommend me to try X2. She said the price is affordable and the quality is quite good. I want to buy lens with a normal price. I don't want to buy the expensive one because I'm not sure If I can wear it. But, I also don't want to buy the super cheap one, because.. you know it's more scary to put something inside your eyes when the price is soo cheap right?

So, I ended bought Piccoli from X2 (the name always reminds me to piccolo from dragon ball hahaha). I read some good review about it and the price is match with my qualification. I bought from Lazada for IDR 75K and I got free case. I choose black color, just because I want to look normal and I don't really like bright color to start with (well, maybe later hehehe). The size is 14,5 with 42% water content.

Hmmm, I don't know how to start the review because I never write one hahaha. Basicly, I think this lens is very comfortable to wear. I expect something itchy in my eyes when the first time I wear it but It didn't happen. I wear it for 5 hours and still no complain from me. My eyes don't feel dry and I also don't use eyedrops during that time. For the enlarge effect, it really helps to give my small eyes a boost. The color is very black until make my eyes like doll's eyes, but I like it. Afer all it supposed to make my eyes look like baby eyes :)

Beware: Pict Spam ^^ Pardon my chubby cheek~ can't do anything about that *sigh*

 You've been warned :)

I still have problem with the application, but I guess it will get better after several times hehehe.. I need more practice. It looks super easy when I watch my friend use lens, but it really difficult when I try it myself hahaha..

Any recommendation about good lens? I might buy another one after this~

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kay Collection Haul~ (with 40% disc)

Hi ladies, yesterday I went to Kay Collection store and bought some new babies. If you don't know, Kay Collection currently having special promotion for their Masami Shouko Brushes. You just need to bring your old brush and then you can exchange it with a new one with 40% discount. I knew this news since 3 or 4 days ago, and decided to collect my old brush and buy a new one. So, I managed to visit the only store in Surabaya, which is located at Tunjungan Plaza. When I arrived, the store is completely quiet with no one come to check the promotion. I even make sure about the deal with the BA, and she told me that I can change my old brush. Any brush is okay. Even the one without the brand name on it. Too bad I forgot to take picture of my old brushes. Already excited to lay my hand on the new brushes hahahaha. I bring 4 ELF brushes and 1 unbranded brush. ELF brushes are my very first brush ever. I remember I bought it for IDR 25k/each few years ago. But after some years, I have many new brushes from brands like Coastal Scent, Ecotools, Etude House and Masami Shouko. So, I never used ELF brushes again. Now here are what I got for the exchange:

Masami Shouko Angled Brush (IDR 128,9K)
Masami Shouko L Lid Brush (IDR 48,9K)
Masami Shouko M Dome Brush (IDR 42,9K)
Masami Shouko L Fluff Brush (IDR 68,9K)
Masami Shouko Professional M Blending Brush (IDR 58,9K)

Total damage was IDR 348,5K BUT.... I only need to pay IDR 209,1K

Yay~~ I totally satisfied with my purchase! Anyway, this is the first time I buy MS professional, I personally think the packaging is good. It looks expensive and give high-class feeling. While the MS line only packed with plastic wrap, MS professional packed with a plastic tube. The different between MS and MS professional, according the BA is only the size. The professional is more longer. Well, the price is different too. hahahaha..

Beside buying new brushes, I also buy some Hair Secret products. I bought a comb from this brand before and I love it so much. The quality is superb. This time I buy the hair bun (IDR 69,9K) and volume hair base (IDR 77,9K). These two products work amazing! You know, I'm really really hopeless when it comes to hairstyle. My usual style is only let my hair down, and sometimes use hair straightener to tame my lion hair. I never success make a bun, or make volume for my bang. But these things really help me a lot. I just tried it yesterday and already fell in love with it. I even said this to my mom, " seriously these things are amazing, even moron can make a good hair style with these." hahahaha.. Will post more about these two babies later, because I'm not in the mood to make a bun right now.

For now I will end this post here. For those who want to buy new brush, I suggest you go to the nearest Kay Collection store and exchange your old brush with a new one and 40% disc, this promotion will end on 30th January. Go check Kay Collection's Instagram for complete information.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Angels Only!

My sister gave me a perfume for my birthday present last month. It is a perfume from Victoria's Secret called "Angels Only". When the first time I heard the name, I quickly fell in love with it. Somehow it makes me feel an Angel? hahahaha *thank you sissy~*

About Angel's Only Perfume:
"Playful. Confident. Generation next. This flirty new fragrance captures the excitement of an Angel getting her first set of wings. Luscious freshness combines with modern florals for a touch of fragrance that is truly unforgettable. Be an Angel."
The scent of this perfume is fruity floral. It smells fresh and sweet at the same time. The notes include Apple blossom, Fresh Fressia, and Violet.

After use it for a while, I decide to buy the body mist from the same line. Why? Just because I love the scent so much. Did I mentioned about the bottle? VS seriously always have cute bottle for their perfumes. There is a small wing on the cap of the bottle, and it also comes in pink color for the packaging. 

Sadly the body mist doesn't comes with a cute bottle too.. But, it's okay because the scent is as nice as the perfume. 

Don't you think this perfume is cute?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review: Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Hello~ Happy new year everyone! Today I will talk about Glam Glow mask. This mask is very well-known among beauty bloggers and also women all over the world. There are several variation for this mask such as Thirstymud, Youth festive, Powermud, Youthmud, Flashmud, and Supermud. My mask is the Supermud. I choose this varian because it good for breakout, blackheads, and white heads. Plus it can be used to treat pimples. At first, I tried the sample sachet. Bought 2 samples and used it for 2 weeks straight and I really love the result. My skin become soft and blackheads are mostly diminished. So, I decided to buy the travel size. Again, I think the real size is too expensive so I don't buy it. In my opinion, even the sample sachet and the travel size is expensive. hehehehe~

Anyway this is the travel size packaging~ packed in plastic tube. It is very small! only contains 10 gr of products. Plus the tube is very airy, need some effort to squeeze out the mask. At first try, all comes from the tube is empty air. After I shake it for a while, the mask begin to comes out.

Price: IDR 230K

The mask itself is really up to it's name~ MUD Mask. It looks like mud, smells kinda like mud *but not too strong* and the texture is definitely like rough mud. It dries fast so better works fast when apply this mask. Usually I only use this mask for 10 minutes or less. As long it already dry, I remove it completely with warm water and then apply moisturizer. Do not leave mud mask too long because it will makes your skin dry. 

When the mask completely dry, I can feel a tight feeling on my skin. If you have large pores like me, you can also notice the mask fills the pores *sorry it's kinda disgusting*. After clean the mask, I can feel my skin become smooth and not oily. I used this mask once a week, not really recommend to use more than twice a week because it can be bad for your skin, as the drying effect is really strong.

Have you tried this famous mud mask? what do you think? Though I love this mask, I don't think buy the full size is necessary *unless you got a very special price* because it's quite expensive hehehehe. For the travel size, I've already used it 3 times and I still have some to use. I think it can be used up to 5 times.
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