Saturday, January 9, 2016

Angels Only!

My sister gave me a perfume for my birthday present last month. It is a perfume from Victoria's Secret called "Angels Only". When the first time I heard the name, I quickly fell in love with it. Somehow it makes me feel an Angel? hahahaha *thank you sissy~*

About Angel's Only Perfume:
"Playful. Confident. Generation next. This flirty new fragrance captures the excitement of an Angel getting her first set of wings. Luscious freshness combines with modern florals for a touch of fragrance that is truly unforgettable. Be an Angel."
The scent of this perfume is fruity floral. It smells fresh and sweet at the same time. The notes include Apple blossom, Fresh Fressia, and Violet.

After use it for a while, I decide to buy the body mist from the same line. Why? Just because I love the scent so much. Did I mentioned about the bottle? VS seriously always have cute bottle for their perfumes. There is a small wing on the cap of the bottle, and it also comes in pink color for the packaging. 

Sadly the body mist doesn't comes with a cute bottle too.. But, it's okay because the scent is as nice as the perfume. 

Don't you think this perfume is cute?


  1. Yes... It looks so cute and pretty.. :)

  2. Lucu banget! Pink pula aduh duh, bikin ngiler banget dah~ Berapa duit tuh ya, jadi pingin XDD

    1. Yang perfumenya kalau ga salah sekitar 800rb~ ada disc jadi jatuhnya sekitar 600an.. kalau body mistnya sekitar 250an...

    2. Aku pikir diatas 1,5 juta O___O

      Kalau segitu aku mauuu~ XD biasanya aku pakai parfumnya estee lauder, baunya mantap seharian deh. Cuma warnanya ama botolnya gak terlalu menggoda, tinggal dikit habis aku mau cobain ini deh XD


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