Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review: Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Hello~ Happy new year everyone! Today I will talk about Glam Glow mask. This mask is very well-known among beauty bloggers and also women all over the world. There are several variation for this mask such as Thirstymud, Youth festive, Powermud, Youthmud, Flashmud, and Supermud. My mask is the Supermud. I choose this varian because it good for breakout, blackheads, and white heads. Plus it can be used to treat pimples. At first, I tried the sample sachet. Bought 2 samples and used it for 2 weeks straight and I really love the result. My skin become soft and blackheads are mostly diminished. So, I decided to buy the travel size. Again, I think the real size is too expensive so I don't buy it. In my opinion, even the sample sachet and the travel size is expensive. hehehehe~

Anyway this is the travel size packaging~ packed in plastic tube. It is very small! only contains 10 gr of products. Plus the tube is very airy, need some effort to squeeze out the mask. At first try, all comes from the tube is empty air. After I shake it for a while, the mask begin to comes out.

Price: IDR 230K

The mask itself is really up to it's name~ MUD Mask. It looks like mud, smells kinda like mud *but not too strong* and the texture is definitely like rough mud. It dries fast so better works fast when apply this mask. Usually I only use this mask for 10 minutes or less. As long it already dry, I remove it completely with warm water and then apply moisturizer. Do not leave mud mask too long because it will makes your skin dry. 

When the mask completely dry, I can feel a tight feeling on my skin. If you have large pores like me, you can also notice the mask fills the pores *sorry it's kinda disgusting*. After clean the mask, I can feel my skin become smooth and not oily. I used this mask once a week, not really recommend to use more than twice a week because it can be bad for your skin, as the drying effect is really strong.

Have you tried this famous mud mask? what do you think? Though I love this mask, I don't think buy the full size is necessary *unless you got a very special price* because it's quite expensive hehehehe. For the travel size, I've already used it 3 times and I still have some to use. I think it can be used up to 5 times.


  1. 230k for 10gram #headdesk

    tadinya aku juga pingin cobain, tapi harganya super nian yak, terus pas black friday kemaren ada beli 1 gratis 1 hanya untuk di amerika, rasanya sedih banget. Titip temen juga gak bisa karena dia pindah2 hotelnya #sigh mungkin belon jodoh. Kalau beli 1 dengan harga 69 dollar atau kalau di sini 890 ribu kalau gak salah ya, gak worth it menurutku untuk kantongku LOL mungkin kalau ada beli 1 gratis 1 bolehlah ya. Tunggu aku jadi juragan minyak paling kaya sedunia dulu kali ya baru bisa ngestock ini uhuhuhu

    1. Kemaren di sociolla sempat ada promo buy 1 get 1 tetapi untuk varian yang warna hijau :) lumayan sih kalau pas ada promo, kalau ga ada promo memang mahal banget hahaha

    2. Iya, tapinya aku kelewatan gitu deh, udah OOS. Di luxola juga sempet buy one get one free, beda produk, tapi salah satu produknya OOS, sama aja bohong #kesyel

  2. Sounds really good.. =)
    I heard a lot of good things about glamglow..
    but the price is just so expensive.. Where did you purchase it?

  3. i'd love to use wash-off mask than sheet ones, maybe will try this next time~

    1. hi dear, this is the wash-off type should give it a try :)

  4. Hai sista2. Hai Ms. Shasha, maaf aku mau numpang jualan. Aku barusan beli 1 paket di beautybox kokas. Dan dpt gift glamglow yg hijau (powermud) ukuran 15gr. Aku niat jual nih krn ga kepake. Masih di segel. Aku mau lepas harga 200rb aja. Bisa dicek tempat lain, gadpt 200 rb �� ori 1000%
    Aku juga jual sampar daily dose foaming cleanser (harga di store 310, aku mau jual 275 aja, krn ga kepake juga) dan juga sampar barely there moisture fluid (harga di store 440, aku mau jual 400rb aja, lg2 krn ga kepake ��). Bisa nego asal jgn jatoh bgt harganya hehe bisa wa/line aja di 081318928741. Masih di segel semua, kecuali yg moisture fluid nya krn dari sananya emg ga disegel. Terimakasih Ms. Shasha hehe


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