Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kay Collection Haul~ (with 40% disc)

Hi ladies, yesterday I went to Kay Collection store and bought some new babies. If you don't know, Kay Collection currently having special promotion for their Masami Shouko Brushes. You just need to bring your old brush and then you can exchange it with a new one with 40% discount. I knew this news since 3 or 4 days ago, and decided to collect my old brush and buy a new one. So, I managed to visit the only store in Surabaya, which is located at Tunjungan Plaza. When I arrived, the store is completely quiet with no one come to check the promotion. I even make sure about the deal with the BA, and she told me that I can change my old brush. Any brush is okay. Even the one without the brand name on it. Too bad I forgot to take picture of my old brushes. Already excited to lay my hand on the new brushes hahahaha. I bring 4 ELF brushes and 1 unbranded brush. ELF brushes are my very first brush ever. I remember I bought it for IDR 25k/each few years ago. But after some years, I have many new brushes from brands like Coastal Scent, Ecotools, Etude House and Masami Shouko. So, I never used ELF brushes again. Now here are what I got for the exchange:

Masami Shouko Angled Brush (IDR 128,9K)
Masami Shouko L Lid Brush (IDR 48,9K)
Masami Shouko M Dome Brush (IDR 42,9K)
Masami Shouko L Fluff Brush (IDR 68,9K)
Masami Shouko Professional M Blending Brush (IDR 58,9K)

Total damage was IDR 348,5K BUT.... I only need to pay IDR 209,1K

Yay~~ I totally satisfied with my purchase! Anyway, this is the first time I buy MS professional, I personally think the packaging is good. It looks expensive and give high-class feeling. While the MS line only packed with plastic wrap, MS professional packed with a plastic tube. The different between MS and MS professional, according the BA is only the size. The professional is more longer. Well, the price is different too. hahahaha..

Beside buying new brushes, I also buy some Hair Secret products. I bought a comb from this brand before and I love it so much. The quality is superb. This time I buy the hair bun (IDR 69,9K) and volume hair base (IDR 77,9K). These two products work amazing! You know, I'm really really hopeless when it comes to hairstyle. My usual style is only let my hair down, and sometimes use hair straightener to tame my lion hair. I never success make a bun, or make volume for my bang. But these things really help me a lot. I just tried it yesterday and already fell in love with it. I even said this to my mom, " seriously these things are amazing, even moron can make a good hair style with these." hahahaha.. Will post more about these two babies later, because I'm not in the mood to make a bun right now.

For now I will end this post here. For those who want to buy new brush, I suggest you go to the nearest Kay Collection store and exchange your old brush with a new one and 40% disc, this promotion will end on 30th January. Go check Kay Collection's Instagram for complete information.


  1. Wow.. Such a great deal.. =)
    I really curious about the hair bun.. Wait for your post about it.. =)

  2. Eeeee, aku terlanjur membuang semua brush lamaku T_________T

    1. wah sayang banget..coba tanya2 temen2 lainnya siapa tahu punya brush bekas dan boleh diminta hehehe masih sampai akhir januari kok promonya..

    2. Oh masih lama ternyata, oke dah, aku mau tebar BC dulu di BBM, siapa tau ada yang mau kasi aq brush mereka gratisan #slapped XD

  3. Sayang di Magelang gak ada T0T
    Kalo ada, brushku yang rontok bisa dituker ganti baru hahaha

    Nice haul ^_^

    1. Di surabaya juga cuman ada 1 lus tokonya agak susah sih, kalau yg di dalam dept store ga berlaku promonya..hehehe

  4. wiiihhh lumayan abis ce diskonnya > < 40%
    btw ceee ak penasaran banget sama hair bun nyaa
    bikinin post dong kalo ngga foto nyaaa *kepo super akut* > <


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