Friday, January 22, 2016

Luxola and Sephora~

This morning, I've received an email from Luxola's CEO. It is said that will become as of 1st February. 

LX Silver

I'm really excited with this news. Luxola always become one of my favourite online shop. It carries a lot of brands variants that usually a little hard to get in Indonesia, the service also good. While, Sephora is a little heaven on earth for every girl. Sephora already open a branch in Jakarta, but for those who lived outside Jakarta, it still quite hard to get some products. With the newly launching of I'm sure it will become more easy to shop Sephora's products~ yay!

PS: Luxola currently having 30% off  for tools until January 24th, Hurry and visit their site to shop~ enter the code: LX-TOOLS30


  1. Nunggu diskonannya 40% aja deh kalau aku, baru beli XDDD

  2. Whyyyy??? Ih, sedih deh Luxola mau tutup. hiks. :( Semoga dengan tutupnya, yang di SG mau ngirim ke Indo lagi. :D


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