Monday, January 25, 2016

My Make Up Pouch!

Hi ladies, I'm so happy because I can update my blog regularly this month. Thanks to BF who gave me a new laptop, now I can blog easily at home. I can't no longer touch my old laptop due various reasons, so mostly I write blog post from office. Now, I made myself write a new post every night before I sleep (and publish it the next day). That way I can keep this blog alive. I'll try to write various topic, not only about beauty but also anything else. Been so long since I post many posts in 1 month.

So, Bioderma currently having a quiz on their Instagram. We must upload a picture with this theme:

"Do you Bring Sensibio H20 on your daily make-up pouch?" 

Since I have some travel size of sensibio (Yes, I always buy some the travel size because it's easy to bring along. Bioderma bottle is always huge and not travel friendly), I decided to join the quiz. This is my version of Sensibio on my daily make up pouch:

PS: Actually the requirement for the quiz is only post picture on Instagram. You don't need to have a blog to join :)

I have 9 products inside my pouch and let me introduce you to them~

*Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow
I will not write a longer explanation about this BB cream, because I've made separate review about this baby. Please wait for my next post :) 

*Etude House Easy and Quick Pen liner
Been my favourite since years ago, but nowadays it's kinda difficult to get this liner. Not sure if it already DC(?). Basically it is a pen liner, but the tip is huge, so for people with small eyes like me, no need to re-draw to get a bold line.

*NYX Blotting Powder and Coastal Scent Pink Kabuki
Compact powder from NYX that I usually use as a finishing. It helps set my make up, and usually when I feel my face become too oily, I will dust this powder to reduce it. It is light color and almost like translucent for me, so don't ask about the coverage. But it sure help to reduce greasy feeling on my face.

*Canmake Cheek Gradation
I always choose pink for my blush. Pink works like magic on my fair skin. It helps give me a healthy shine. Plus this blush contains acceptable glitter. Instead of making me looks like a disco ball, it give me a fresher look. PS: It can works as a highlighter too, plus I can get several different colors when I blends it.

*Maybelline Baby Lips and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
My favourite duo ever! Baby lips is very moisturizing and helps to soften my lips. I usually use it as a base before I apply my SMLC. SMLC color is very intense and long lasting, though it's not make my lips dry, I prefer to use lip balm as base to make it more comfortable to wear.

*Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow
Again, I always prefer pink for casual / daily make up because it really helps to brighten the entire look. I usually goes for brown or black on weekend hahahaha. This eyeshadow comes in 3 colors and also an eyeshadow base. That's why it's really convenient to bring. I always like to bring something that have double function.

*Bioderma Sensibio H20
The most lazy thing to do, after a full day work / shopping is to remove my make up. When I reached home, usually I will become lazy hikz. If only we can go to sleep with our make up and not get any acne tomorrow morning~ To solve the problem, I usually bring the travel size of favourite make up remover with me. So, when I still on my way home (with car), I can remove my make up. That way, when I reach home, I only need to wash my face, apply some toner, and night cream. And wallla~~ I'm ready to sleep. hehehehe~ 

Actually I still have another pouch to bring that loaded with face mist, oil control film, cotton, hairties, etc. But, today's topic is about make up. So, I will end this post here.. Wish me luck with the Quiz~

Ah.. if you also want to join the quiz, you must be hurry and go check Bioderma's IG for the full information :) Good Luck!


  1. pink brush itu coastal scent kah? Aku juga punya persis gitu punyanya cs hihihi...

    btw, gak tertarik nyoba canmake yang cream blush itu kah? sekarang ada yang baru buat blush dan juga lip balm XD

    1. Yup, CS Pink kabuki :)
      Cream cheeknya Canmake memang booming banget dari dulu cuman aku agak ragu buat nyoba secara kulitku oily banget takutnya ntar malah lengket2 gitu hehehe..

    2. Kita punya barang yang sama XD

      Aku juga, pingin banget nyobain, tapi karena minyak di wajahku udah ngalahin kilang minyak, jadi masi mikir mau beli hahaha

  2. Pink brush nya imut bangett.. :)

  3. pretty =)

  4. pink brushnya ga naaahaan >w<

  5. Replies
    1. Hi, iya nih, kurang suka bawa banyak-banyak kecuali kalau memang ada special event yang perlu heavy make up baru bawa perlengkapan perangnya hehehe

  6. Pink brushnya lucu banget, jadi kepengen ><

    1. iya banyak yang naksir karena warnanya pink ^^ harganya lumayan murmer kok seingatku under 100k :)


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