Monday, January 18, 2016

Piccoli X2 Baby Eyes

If you searched my blog, you will notice that I never write a review about contact lens nor I had sponsored post about it. Yes, I never wear contact lens before. Well at least until last week, when the first time I tried to put something inside my eyes ever! The main reason why I never wear contact lens is because I'm too scared to put it. I also don't have any good reason about why should I wear one when I'm to scared to start it. But recently the good reason is come and I must try to wear contact lens for the first time. I asked my friend, who often wear lens, and she recommend me to try X2. She said the price is affordable and the quality is quite good. I want to buy lens with a normal price. I don't want to buy the expensive one because I'm not sure If I can wear it. But, I also don't want to buy the super cheap one, because.. you know it's more scary to put something inside your eyes when the price is soo cheap right?

So, I ended bought Piccoli from X2 (the name always reminds me to piccolo from dragon ball hahaha). I read some good review about it and the price is match with my qualification. I bought from Lazada for IDR 75K and I got free case. I choose black color, just because I want to look normal and I don't really like bright color to start with (well, maybe later hehehe). The size is 14,5 with 42% water content.

Hmmm, I don't know how to start the review because I never write one hahaha. Basicly, I think this lens is very comfortable to wear. I expect something itchy in my eyes when the first time I wear it but It didn't happen. I wear it for 5 hours and still no complain from me. My eyes don't feel dry and I also don't use eyedrops during that time. For the enlarge effect, it really helps to give my small eyes a boost. The color is very black until make my eyes like doll's eyes, but I like it. Afer all it supposed to make my eyes look like baby eyes :)

Beware: Pict Spam ^^ Pardon my chubby cheek~ can't do anything about that *sigh*

 You've been warned :)

I still have problem with the application, but I guess it will get better after several times hehehe.. I need more practice. It looks super easy when I watch my friend use lens, but it really difficult when I try it myself hahaha..

Any recommendation about good lens? I might buy another one after this~


  1. dulu pertama nyobain softlens ak juga pake X2 cece
    lumayan nyaman juga, ga bikin iritasi ^^
    next time cobain freskon cece ^^

    1. wah makasih rekomendasinya..ntar aku coba lihat2 freskon :)

  2. softlennya bikin mata jd dolly, cantik bgt XD

  3. X2 yang bio natural juga bagus lho, ada pilihan hitam dan coklat, aku pakai itu sekarang hehehehe


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