Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reply 1988~

I rarely discuss about K-drama on my blog, but I guess you already knew that I love anything about Korea so much. Recently one of my favourite drama has ended. It is Reply 1988. I've been following this series since the first season 2 or 3 years ago. The first one is Reply 1997 with Jung Eunji from Apink and Seo In Gook. I completely fell in love with the story plot and I'm very excited to play guess the husband. Reply 1994 come year after the first one, though I think the story is more complicated and "heavy" than the first one, I still like this drama. The "guess who the husband" game also become more and more complicated in this serie. Now, the latest Reply series is Reply 1988. As soon I knew, that they will produce another reply series, I already sat down in front of my computer to watch it! I always excited with this drama.

image credit: Asian Wiki

Beware: If you don't watch the drama, I suggest you stop read my post or you will found my post boring and annoying hehehe~

Finally after months, this drama has ended. Thought, I think the ending is completely mind blowing (men boong? in korean terms hahaha). Spoiler alert: The husband is Choi Taek! I always #teamtaek since the beginning (though in the middle I jump to become #teamjunghwan , but I back again to support choi taek), but I think the writer change the husband in the middle of the film. We, the viewers always believe that Junghwan is the husband (the clues are quite obvious) and also they put Junghwan's picture beside the main female picture on Asian Wiki. BF told me that usually the main male cast picture will be side by side with the main female cast, that's why he also guess the husband will be Junghwan. The writer also spoiled some important clue abut Taek not being the husband, but in the end it is Choi Taek!! arghh~ quite complicated, right?

Anyway, I saw many disappointed comments from the viewers about the ending. I also share the same opinion with them. I'm happy with the couple but I feel sorry for Junghwan. Even I don't feel really sorry for chilbong on Reply 1994, but this time, it is like a very sad love story hahahaha. But, I still happy for Choi Taek and Duk Soen Couple~ yay~~ For those who don't watch this drama, I guess you will confused with my post. I'm sorry, I just want to share my random thought about this drama~

After all, this is a good drama, if you have time, you should try watch all the series. Can't wait for another series, I hope they will make Reply 2000 or 2005 , though some fans predict they will make reply 1980, I personally think it is too far. Well, let's see what comes next~


  1. yaaay, aku blom lihat endingnya tapi aku senang karena aku #teamtaek hihihi

  2. hahahaha congrats buat pendukung taek~ happy ending <3

  3. beneran cee ak ga dong wkkw
    dari kemarin-kemarin sudah diracuni sama temen suruh nonton replay 1997 tapi aku males karena sing maen seo in guk
    tapi kayake boleh yahh dicoba tonton secara cece betah ngikuti seri" sing lain berarti ini apik wkkwwkw ^^

    1. hahaha bagus lho filmnya~ coba nonton dari awal :)


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