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My Favourite Beauty Hacks and Tips!

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Hello Ladies, today I will share some beauty tips and hacks that I usually do. I'm really bad giving tips and usually I prefer to read some tips from other rather than make one hahaha.. But, in order to keep this blog alive (Yes, I finally got the mood back! long short story, last year was the worse, I feel like I lost my passion to write and neglected this blog for awhile. Yes, you still read some post here, but mostly are sponsored posts and old post on my draft) I need to write a new thing at least once a week (this is also one of my resolution this year!). Now, into the tips and hacks! 
*These are some beauty hacks that I actually do in real life!*
1.Wash your hair first then bundle it up with towel to make it dry faster
I always wash my hair first when I take a bath, after wash it properly, I bundle it with a towel and continue to take a bath. I have thick and long hair so the drying routine can be a little stressfull especially in the morning. That way, m…

Shop My Stash!

PS: This is not a blog sale :)

One of my bad habit *according to my mom* is that I like to buy many things but ended only use my favourite one and neglect the others. I admit I do that often for cosmetics and clothes. Well.. I do clean up once in a while and sort things that already expired, but still have quite many untouched things hehehe. So, today I do some shopping in my stash~ yes! instead shopping online, today I will search something "new" inside my stash. Come with me~
What I got from my stash are these...

1. Clinique Lipstick Rasberry Glaze
Lovely red-purple color with little shimmer. Not really like the scent and taste but the color is okay

2. L'oreal BaseMagique One of my impulsive buying. Bought this because it was on sale. Works good to minimize pores!
3. Revlon 24 hours Eyeshadow Very convenient because contains 4 different colors with gradients. Can be use as contour and shading too.
4. Etude House Color My Brows
The most hyped eyebrow mascara back then.…

Stalked My Timeline! [Instagram Edition]

If I can only list 1 social media that I need in my life, I would go for Instagram. I'm quite addicted to it and can't spend a day without open it. Today I want to share some accounts that become my favourite. Not only their pictures are good but also they always inspire me in many ways. My following list on Instagram not only focused on beauty account but also from different account like fashion, food, good place, and also online shop~
Here are some of my faves~

Patricia Chang (@patriciachangny) She lived in NY with her little family~ She is a bag designer and always design super cute bag! Some of my favourite are the pig bag and also the toast bag.

Wendy (@wendyslookbook) I also a follower of her blog. I love her style. She never failed to impress me with her simple but elegant pictures. 

Sunny Dahye (@sunnydahye) If you lived in Indonesia, I'm sure you've already knew this famous youtuber. She is a korean who lived in Bali. Recently she had a double eyelid surgery …

The 5 products I'd recommend to a friend!

Hello, I guess you can already tell about today's topic from the title. Today I will share some beauty products that I would recommend to a friend! Yes! I will introduce you to some beauty products that I've already tried and I think "Wow, this is really good" hehehehe.. 
1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

I would love to recommend this BB cream for those who have problem with acne but really want to dolled up sometimes. It is suitable for blemished skin. Whenever I had problem with acne, I always run to this BB Cream. The main advantage is, this BB Cream contains tea tree, which is good to cure acne. I'm not saying this BB Cream will heal the acne, but I always feel more ease to use something that has special benefit for acne. The coverage is sheer, so don't expect something magical like flawless face. But the finish result is perfect when you combine it with loose powder. I usually use this combination (Tea tree BB Cream + loose powder) to make my f…

Empties #1

Hi, today I want to start a new blog post series. It is about some products that I've finished. I'm planning to keep this series for a long time, so I will start it from now. I rarely throw away products until I finish it (If I do, that's mean the product is really bad and not worth at all). It's quite a while to finish a product, that's why I think I will need some time before I post the seond one :)

The first one is Cottage Vanilla Shower Gel [Repurchased: Maybe] I love the scent. It is smell sweet like vanilla, just like the name. It also moisturise my skin well.

The Skin Food Premium Tomato Whitening Essence [Repurchased: Yes] My favourite essence ever because it really works to reduce acne scar and brighten my skin tone. I've been using it for 4 or 5 years, since the old packaging until now TSF has a new packaging with additional info such as "premium tomato" (back then, they only say tomato serum).

Bioderma Hydrabio Soothing Refreshing Water [R…

New Instagram Account!

Hello~ it's been raining all day in my hometown. The weather is gloomy and cold. Anyway, have you heard the latest news from Instagram? Well, I'm not sure since when (but I think it's still new), now you can add several accounts in 1 phone. That means you can switch your instagram account with another instagram account without changing the phone or log out from your current account. Finally they came with this idea!
I always want to have 2 instagram accounts, 1 for my private life and 1 for the blog. But I only keep 1 phone with me, and doing some log-out and log-in actions everytime I want to change the account is quite troublesome. So I only have 1 instagram account. But, now.... finally I open a new account for my beauty blog.

The username is the same with my blog name: @missbelanjaonline
I will share the blog update and also anything related to beauty there. Hope you can follow my new account and feel free to talk to me on Instagram. 
PS: I'm planning to do a give…

Luxola Haul!

Last month I did a little haul at Luxola. This is the last haul from Luxola, because since this month they will change their site to (I've mentioned it before). Because I have some points on luxola, I can redeem it into a voucher and thus I ended bought some new items. hehehe..

1. Maybelline White Super Fresh UV Cake Powder 2. Maybelline Baby Lips Color 3. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum'Express Mascara 4. Maybelline Dream Satin Skin 5. L'oreal Lip and Eye Make Up Remover
You maybe noticed almost all the products are from Maybelline. That's because Maybelline is my favourite drugstore brand. I already owned number 1,2,and 3 so this time I re-purchased the same product because the price was on sale. 
As for number 4, Maybelline Dream Satin Skin is an air-whipped liquid foundation. I never wear foundation unless I go to party because I prefer BB Cream. This will become the second foundation in my stash. This product is quite popular and I hope it will also fit…

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello~ Happy Chinese New Year For Those Who Celebrate, and Happy long weekend for the others. This year is the Year of Monkey with fire element. I heard some fortune teller said this year will bring luck to those who bear mouse and dragon as their chinese zodiac. I have dragon as my chinese zodiac, so hopefuly this year will be wonderful like they said :)

This is my Face of the day to celebrate the new year. This year I wear red batik for my outfit. My hair and bangs already grow very long~ want to cut it but need to wait until next month hikz~ *there's a special reason why I can't cut my hair now hehehehe*

Anyway this year also marks the last year I receive angpao(s) because I'm planning to get married this year, that's means starting next year I will be the one who give angpao to the other cousins and nephew/niece. Hehehehe~
Once again Gong Xi Fa Cai, may this year bring prosperity, healthy and everything the best for you and your family~

Myurbey Giveaway!

Not beauty related, but I completely fell in love with this friendship pillow.  I've been folowing Myurbey's blog since 1 or 2 years ago? can't remember because it's already quite long. Back then, I was into handmade items, I also opened an online shop that sell handmade doll made from felt (now it's already closed), that's why I also love to follow blog with craft related. Myurbey is one of those blog. I always adore the pillow that she made.  Though it's simple but it always has a nice pattern and nice words. Like this one~
How you describe your best friend?  Makes a good times Better and the Hard times Easier.  Do Anything and still have a best time!  well said~

Did You Know?

Hello, Today I want to talk about an interesting product that I just discovered recently. I was reading Daily Vanity'snewsletter when my eyes suddenly set on one (or two) product(s). It is called Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop. I need to re-read the name because I thought I read it wrong at first. But it really is.. Shade adjusting.. hoool~

I googled about it and I think this product is quite new and still available outside Indonesia. TBS has 2 different variants for this products. The first one is Lightening, which is help to lighten your dark foundation. And the second one is darkening, which is help to darken your light foundation. To use it, simply mix 1 drop (or less) of the product with your foundation and then you can adjust the color of the foundation. 
From The Body Shop:
   " LIGHTENING DROP: If you have light to medium skin you may find your foundation looks too dark or orange. A concentration of white and pink pigments in our Lightening Drops helps neutrali…

Review: Marina Smooth and Glow UV Series

Hi ladies, kali ini aku mau mereview produk dari Marina Smooth and Glow UV series. Ada 3 jenis produk yang akan aku review kali ini. Yaitu Marina Smooth and Glow UV BB Cream, Marina Smooth and Glow UV Compact Powder dan Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake. Rangkaian make up dari seri Smooth and Glow ini diperkaya Natural Microfine Powder, Vitamin C, Mulberry dan SPF 20 PA ++
Marina Smooth and Glow UV Compact Powder:

Kemasan: Kemasannya berbentuk bulat dengan warna pink muda. Kesannya simple dan girly, di bagian atas kemasan hanya terdapat tulisan "Marina" dengan detail warna silver. Compact powder ini dilengkapi dengan cermin dengan ukuran yang sama dengan bedaknya. Ukurannya cukup besar sehingga cocok untuk dibawa berpergian. Kemasannya juga dilengkapi dengan spons untuk pengaplikasian bedak

Shade/Swatch: Warna yang aku punya adalah Ivory (11), waktu aku lihat di dalam kemasan, kelihatannya cocok untuk warna kulitku tetapi waktu aku swatch warnanya agak lebih putih dari wa…

Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB

Hello~ It's been a long time since I talk about cosmetic especially BB Cream. I used to be a BB Cream addict few years ago. But, nowadays I only keep few BB Cream that I really love. One of the few BB cream on my vanity table is this one. Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB

Packaging: Slim plastic packaging with gold cap. I always love Estee Lauder packaging, because it is simple but also look very elegant and expensive. It contains 30ml of products. The main color of the packaging is beige. I love how they make this BB cream handy and can fit my make up pouch perfectly. I always have difficulty when bring BB cream in my pouch because mostly it has big / fat packaging type.

Swatch: To be honest, I kinda freaked out when the first time I saw the color on my hand. It looks so brown for me. My skin tone is very light and I think this color will not suitable for me. But when I try to blend it, it surprisingly quite good on my skin. Yes, it still looks a little too dark for my skin…