Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Favourite Beauty Hacks and Tips!

Hello Ladies, today I will share some beauty tips and hacks that I usually do. I'm really bad giving tips and usually I prefer to read some tips from other rather than make one hahaha.. But, in order to keep this blog alive (Yes, I finally got the mood back! long short story, last year was the worse, I feel like I lost my passion to write and neglected this blog for awhile. Yes, you still read some post here, but mostly are sponsored posts and old post on my draft) I need to write a new thing at least once a week (this is also one of my resolution this year!). Now, into the tips and hacks! 

*These are some beauty hacks that I actually do in real life!*

1.Wash your hair first then bundle it up with towel to make it dry faster

I always wash my hair first when I take a bath, after wash it properly, I bundle it with a towel and continue to take a bath. I have thick and long hair so the drying routine can be a little stressfull especially in the morning. That way, my hair will dry more faster because the towel will absorb the excess water.

2. Use an ice cube as a primer

Massage 1 ice cube on your face, then apply your make up. The ice cube helps to minimize the pores appearance and makes make up long lasting. PS: use it only for emergency if you run out of primer :) too much ice cube on your skin may cause wrinkle

3.Wash your bangs only

Ever in a situation where your bangs look super greasy but the other part of your hair still look fine? Well, most people run for dry shampoo, but my solution is more simple which is wash your bangs then blow dry it. 

4. Wet facial cotton with water and put it on your eyes to give a cool sensation

Remember when girls usually use cucumber as an eye mask? Well, I always have problem with it because I can't peel a cucumber just to get 2 slice of it as an eye mask hehehe. My solution is using a cotton, wet it slightly with water and put it on your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes. 

*For the tips, because my main concern is acne, so I will share some tips that related to it :)*

Some Beauty Tips To Prevent Acne:

♥ Change your pillowcase regularly.
♥ Do not touch your face no matter what
♥ If you really need to touch your face make sure your hand is clean
♥ Do double cleansing
♥ Do not forget to remove your make up before you sleep
♥ Choose water based make up / skincare products
♥ Drink a lot of water 
♥ Avoid fry food or food with a lot of oil
Excercise regularly

That's all my quick hacks and tips for today! Do you have beauty hacks that you always do? Share with me~

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