Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Instagram Account!

Hello~ it's been raining all day in my hometown. The weather is gloomy and cold. Anyway, have you heard the latest news from Instagram? Well, I'm not sure since when (but I think it's still new), now you can add several accounts in 1 phone. That means you can switch your instagram account with another instagram account without changing the phone or log out from your current account. Finally they came with this idea!

I always want to have 2 instagram accounts, 1 for my private life and 1 for the blog. But I only keep 1 phone with me, and doing some log-out and log-in actions everytime I want to change the account is quite troublesome. So I only have 1 instagram account. But, now.... finally I open a new account for my beauty blog.

The username is the same with my blog name: @missbelanjaonline

I will share the blog update and also anything related to beauty there. Hope you can follow my new account and feel free to talk to me on Instagram. 

PS: I'm planning to do a giveaway on Instagram, I will update about it later :) still looking for the right gift to share with you~


  1. oh ya ce skarang ig bisa gtu O.o" asyikk nihh
    ak juga kepikiran bikin 2 ig dengan alasan yg sama
    yeah bisa bikin 2 ig heheh ^^

  2. Your pictures on IG are lovely, I'm sure your numbers will swell up soon!

  3. Hai ci Shasha! woww udah lama banget aku ga blogwalking ke sini. aku memang udah lama jg ga blogwalking ke blog org2 as I used to.. udah banyak kesibukan sejak kuliah :") wah memang sih penting jg buat IG untuk personal dan jg buat profesional, aku jg sempet kepikir gitu tapi agak malas untuk switch accountnya, lagipula aku sendiri belum masih bisa untuk update blogku secara berkala. Thank you for stopping by yah! and thank you for ur advice :D Happy Belated CNY ya, may the luck and prosperity be with you :D

    1. Helena~ thank you for coming here~ happy cny too ^^

  4. hi sasha.. wah penasaran nih sama IG nya..nanti aku follow deh..
    keep inspiring me yaa..


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