Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shop My Stash!

PS: This is not a blog sale :)

One of my bad habit *according to my mom* is that I like to buy many things but ended only use my favourite one and neglect the others. I admit I do that often for cosmetics and clothes. Well.. I do clean up once in a while and sort things that already expired, but still have quite many untouched things hehehe. So, today I do some shopping in my stash~ yes! instead shopping online, today I will search something "new" inside my stash. Come with me~

What I got from my stash are these...

1. Clinique Lipstick Rasberry Glaze
Lovely red-purple color with little shimmer. Not really like the scent and taste but the color is okay

2. L'oreal BaseMagique
One of my impulsive buying. Bought this because it was on sale. Works good to minimize pores!

3. Revlon 24 hours Eyeshadow
Very convenient because contains 4 different colors with gradients. Can be use as contour and shading too.

4. Etude House Color My Brows
The most hyped eyebrow mascara back then. The color doesn't really match with my hair color but it works good to create a natural eyebrow

5. Misslyn Nail Polish
Basic color, wearable and the color is pigmented.

6. BB Cream and CC Cream samples from Nature Republic

So, I discover few "new" things from my stash. This activity is quite fun to do hehehe.. What do you think about my recent haul?

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