Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stalked My Timeline! [Instagram Edition]

If I can only list 1 social media that I need in my life, I would go for Instagram. I'm quite addicted to it and can't spend a day without open it. Today I want to share some accounts that become my favourite. Not only their pictures are good but also they always inspire me in many ways. My following list on Instagram not only focused on beauty account but also from different account like fashion, food, good place, and also online shop~

Here are some of my faves~

Patricia Chang (@patriciachangny)
She lived in NY with her little family~ She is a bag designer and always design super cute bag! Some of my favourite are the pig bag and also the toast bag.

I also a follower of her blog. I love her style. She never failed to impress me with her simple but elegant pictures. 

Sunny Dahye (@sunnydahye)
If you lived in Indonesia, I'm sure you've already knew this famous youtuber. She is a korean who lived in Bali. Recently she had a double eyelid surgery and I think that makes her become more pretty~ she was pretty back then, but now she is more pretty~ 

Bellinda (@bellin_da)
I just love her pictures so much. She always post her picture in flatlays style and mostly are about food.

I love how people can make their timeline so pretty. I wish I can do the same with my timeline hahaha.. Do you have any recommendation for a good account to follow? 


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  2. Their instagram post look beautiful.. =)
    If you like cute cat/dog/rabbit , you can check out seamusobrien, newpon, yamada8, hanabokurokinako.. =)

    1. wah thank you for the recommendation! I'm dog lover~ gotta check the accounts :)

  3. kalo ak kebnykn follow model2 majalah fashion jepang sama beauty bloger korea ^^

    1. Aku juga follow beberapa beauty blogger korea :) suka banget sama make up mereka yang soft tapi hasilnya cantik~

  4. Try tulaa vintage. She's a travel blogger, keep circling the world with a good fashion sense too...

  5. Owow, loving what Bellinda's doing, never heard of her before will check it out!
    Thank you for the visit hun, the entire blog’s been redesigned!
    Would love to get your thoughts!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog


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