Thursday, March 31, 2016

Holiday Trip 2016: Macau

Hello again~ This is the second post about my latest holiday to HK. When talk about HK of course we can't forget the neighbours, Macau! I went to Macau by turbo jet from HK. The journey took times around 1 hour 30 minutes (less or more, because I completely forget about it hahaha). Same with HK, the weather in Macau is still very cold at that time. 

We visited the famous Senado Square at afternoon. It was super crowded and full of peoples. Lot of people walk all over the way and also lot of seller yell to promote their shop. What I like the most from Senado is, we can try the food before we buy it (well, even you don't want to buy they still give you the tester, generously). My favourite is pork jerky tester, they always give a big bite for the tester. Whenever you feel hungry go to Senado for free food hahahaha~

After walk several minutes, we reached at the Ruins of St.Paul. I think this is the Macau's icon. Someone can't be said "already went to Macau" when you still haven't took picture in front of the ruins. As predicted, it was crowded and we barely can took picture without photobombed by the others. 

Every corner in Macau is beautiful. I managed to found this beautiful street near senado square. I googled about it and turns out the name is St. Augustine Square. It was the most beautiful street I've ever seen. It just a simple street with lamp poles on right and left side. Each pole decorated with beautiful flower pots. Simple but beautiful.

Next stop is Venetian! No need more explanation, this mall is very beautiful with its interior and also the fake ceiling. It never dark at Venetian.

Because I went to senado right after I came from HK, I can't bought anything because it's too crowded. So, I decide to go there again the next morning. Went there at 9 a.m and I think it's the best time to visit senado. The stores are still empty and I can shop with ease. yay~ Bought a lot of items from macau, especially Bonjour. Well, they had stores in HK too, but I think the BA in Macau is more friendly than in HK. Sometimes the price is cheaper too.

This is the end of Macau Post. Next post is Haul post!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Holiday Trip 2016: Hong kong

Hello ladies~ Like I've mentioned before, I'm back from my short vacation in Hong Kong. Now I want to share short story about the vacation. Actually I didn't have much to share because basicaly it just a family holiday (and special project) with my mom and dad (also BF). My sister can't make it this time, if not it will become my first family holiday after many many years~ lol

So, I went to HK on 9th March, I was told that the weather is still quite cold there by Yennyca (who visited HK 2 weeks before me). So I prepared some light coat and sweathers. Turns out when I arrived there, the weather was VERY COLD and the temperature was dropped to 10 degree celcius. brrrr.. Well, I expect cold weather but not this extreme, especially my hometown is famous for its hot weather eventhough now is rainy season.

This is the second time I went to HK, so I've already visited most of the tourist attractions in the city (But I still missed Disneyland hikz. When the first time I went to HK on 2013, I promised myself that I will be back to go to Disneyland. Now 3 years later, I'm back but still can't go there..hikz. It's okay, I will save it for my next trip to HK again *cross finger*), But this is the first time for my parents. So I take them to visit the Victoria Peak *my mom insist to go there, even though the weather is very cold*. I want to take the peak tram, as I can't ride it before. But the queues are very crowded. So we decided to took taxi to the Peak.

The view from the Peak! You can see all the tall buildings all over the city. 

Except the Peak, I also went to several night market like Temple Street night market (located at the back of our hotel so we visited there everyday), Ladies Market (thankfully not as crowded as people said, maybe due to the cold weather. The price here are super expensive compared to Temple Street. I got 2 set of magnets for HKD 80, while BF bought 4 set for HKD 65 at Temple street. Next time I went back to HK, must remember don't buy souvenir from there), and also Jardine's Cresent (the market sell mostly daily needs, the clothes are quite aunty style. So, I just look around and didn't bought anything).

When in HK~ Eat Good Food! I've searched several famous restaurant before I went to HK. But most the restaurants on my list are failed to complete due to various reasons. hikz. But I still managed to eat good food~

The first one is the famous Hing Kee Claypot Rice (I want to go to four season instead of Hing Kee, but the queue is very long and we already starve after flight, and Hing Kee has several restaurants near each other, I count there are 4 Hing Kee at temple street)

My Opinion: So Overrated! I want to try this because many people said it was delicious and worth waiting. I ordered the famous Oyster cake and 2 claypot rice (1 with sausage and 1 with pork and salty vegetable). The one with sausage came first and the appearance looks very sad. The rice was burnt on the bottom side and the rice was served plain. It's like you put white rice on a hot claypot and topped it with a sausage. done. To season we need to do it ourself with the soy sauce provided. But the taste still bland for me. Fortunately the second claypot taste better with the help of the pork flavour and salty vegetable. The oyster cake is just okay.

Congee at Ocean Empire Food Shop (located very near with our hotel and near MTR station, so we decided to have breakfast here).

My Opinion: It was Good! The texture is a little bit too runny but I prefer that kind of texture rather than thick porridge. The Cakwe (I just knew the english name for this food is Chinesse Donut lol) is very good. No wonder every table has it as their side food. The portion is quite big, so next time went here must remember to share.

Dim Dim Dimsum Speciality Store (went to Mongkok Branch, it is very crowded and the place is quite small. Need to share table with the other)

My Opinion: Good! the piggy custard bun is my favourite. The fried wonton is the only thing I hate. The shrimp is so small and the oil to fry the wonton looks like already used for several times. It has english menu so we can order easily.

Except for the famous restaurant, I also went to street stall near the hotel, who happen to served a delicious food! Never underestimate the street food stall~ *sorry can't remember the name of the restaurants because we just enter it randomly*

Beef Brisket Soup and Rice: The beef brisket is very tender and even melt without too much effort to chew it. The soup looks clear but the flavour is good. Serve with very large amount of white rice.

Wonton Noodle: Sorry forgot to snap picture of it, but wonton in HK definitely really good. Stuffed with a lot of shrimp! Don't really like the noodle though.

Oyster Cake + Hot Honey Lemon: This one is better than Hing Kee's the restaurant is beside Hing Kee. I prefer this one because it is more crispy and the sauce is more delicious. Honey lemon is my favourite drink in HK!! I don't really like Milk Tea (even though it's very popular). The sweet from the honey combined with the sour from the lemon makes a nice warm drink especially on cold day.

Actually I still eat a lot of food, but can't really remember because I rarely took picture of it hahaha. So I will end the post here~ Next post is about Macau! yay~

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beauty Event: Misslyn Color Therapy

Hi ladies, few week ago I was invited to Misslyn beauty event. It's been a while since my last beauty event so I kinda missed the atmospher. I rarely attend an event because mostly the schedule is not fit with mine. Fortunately, Misslyn event was held on weekend and after my office hour. yay~ 

When the first time I arrived at the venue, I noticed ce Mindy and Sabrina, and I can't recognized the others bloggers. Looks like our community have become larger and now we have so many new bloggers. I asked ce Mindy about their name (she is the only one that know everyone because she is always attend beauty event at Surabaya hehehe).

The event took place at Matahari Dept. Store. The decoration is very colourful and suits the theme very well. The theme for this event is "COLOR THERAPY", which means you can use colour make up depending on your mood.

The sweet corner~ Everything look super cute! even the mineral water bottle~

The event basicly only a simple meet up between Misslyn team and Surabaya Beauty Bloggers. The last time they made an event is almost 2 years ago, when the first time Misslyn enter Surabaya's market.

The spokeperson (ce Anna) tell us about Misslyn (some of us also didn't really knew about this brand before). She also explain about Misslyn products. They have many varians from Eye, Face, and Lips make up. And also many color selection of nail polish. After some explanation about the brand, we played Face Charts Game. Here, we were given a blank face chart and we need to use our skill to make this plain lady looks more beautiful.

I'm not an expert when it comes to face chart. Plus this one printed on normal A4 paper, so it's quite hard to blend the color hikz. I made mistake with the nose contour, can't erase it and too lazy to start again with a new paper. hahaha.

The winners for the game are: Dyta, Jessica A, and Wulan. Congrats girl~

Now into the goodie bag! A super cute hamper! We were give a mason jar filled with 3 Misslyn products (too bad I've already have the same color for the lipstick.. read my review about it here) and also a voucher. With the voucher, I bought another lipstick and lip liner.

That's all my report for now. Thank you Misslyn for the invitation [also Lina and Ce Mindy as the coordinators]~

PS: Happy Easter everyone~

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wedding Diary: Engagement Preparation + DIY Chopstick Cover

Hello~ here come a new post about my upcoming wedding. I was hesitate to write this post because I don't know what to write hahaha~ Hmm.. maybe I should share about my engagement first, shall I? I'm planning to have an engagement party around May. I've already booked a chinese restaurant near BF's house as the venue. Why near BF's house? Because I don't have many relatives here, and mostly the guests are BF's relatives and their home are around there too.

For the decoration, I heard that the venue already come with a simple backdrop and also large "double happiness" word, so I don't need to add more for the decoration. However I'm planning to add more flowers for the main table so it will look more colourful. PS: A blogger friend also contacted me and offered a free hand bouquet for my engagement~ yay! thank you, looking forward for the bouquet :)

For the table, nowadays the stationery kits are very famous as table decoration. Most people will have their plate and glass decorated with cute stationery. I also want to use that kind of decoration, but most decoration vendor only offer the price for 10 pax (which means 1 table). I want all my table decorated with the same stationery (of course I can always request the vendor to do so, but the price is very expensive), so I decided to make one by myself.

I make chopstick cover, glass coaster, cupcake topper, and little card for the plate. Been working on this project for 3 months and finally I manage to finish it few months before the event :) [Sorry I don't upload the picture because it shows the date of the event and I don't want to spoil it before the D-day]

I don't have any special theme for the decoration, I just use the freebies template from Freepik (best website for free vectors/illustration!) and edit it myself. Then print and cut it. For the chopstick cover, it took more time, because I need to fold it several times, but here I will share the simple steps to make it:

DIY Chopstick Cover

1.First, you need a plain paper (or color) size 21 x 15 cm / half of A4 paper.  If you want to insert a picture, you simply put the paper into the printer and print the picture. If you're to lazy to do that, simply use paper wrapper that already have picture.

2. After that, divide the paper into the half again (make sure the side with picture is outside)

3. Then open the fold and you will see a clear line in the middle of the paper

4. Fold the above side of paper to the middle line, then open it (do the same for the bottom side)

5. Now you have 3 straight line on your paper

6. Fold a little triangle on the above side of the paper to the line a

 7. Fold a bigger triangle on the bottom side of the paper to the line b (center line)

8. The bring all the above side paper to the bottom, and glue the back of the paper

9. Fold the bottom and secure it with tape. (This is the back side)

10. Flip it and then you're done :)

I hope you can understand the tutorial. I will update more about my wedding preparation as soon as possible :) Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Beauty Haul: Green Squad!

I just realized that I lately bought quite many green items. I'm very concern with my skin condition, because lately my acnes are going wild. When I was in HK, my skin condition is really good, maybe because the weather is cold, I didn't sweat much. I even rarely used oil blotting paper. But after I came back to Indonesia, where the sun shines brightly like a diamond, I start to get new big acne on my chin *sigh*. Now I'm stocking more skin care products to heal my skin problem.

Kracie Acne Care White Cream
I was attracted to this cream when I'm having groceries shopping at Ranch Market. It described as a cream that suitable to heal adult's acnes. While teenager acnes are caused by hormone (mostly), adult acnes are caused by stress (mostly). I read the description box and also do some research about this cream, mostly are positive review, so I decided to buy this cream. Ranch market also has a good deal for this cream, it was on sale for 50%, so I get this for IDR 57 K only~ *I saw an online shop sell this for IDR 120 K*

Himalaya Herbal Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash
Another product that I found at Ranch Market. Decide to buy it because the price is super cheap, only IDR 22 k for a pump bottle. My favourite cleanser for The body shop is the one with pump, but the price is more than IDR 150 k, so I was really happy when I found this cleanser. I hope it also works well as it claims

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
One of my HG moisturizer. This lotion is quite hard to found because often sold out at the counter. But now I see it was all over the counter, so I decide to buy one.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
My HG acne treatment along with Kiehl's blue herbal acne treatment. It works good to make big red acne dry overnight. I also can be use under make up. The price is keep going up, I remember when I purchased this oil for the first time, it only cost around IFR 89 k, nowadays the price is around IDR 119 k.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello Shorter Hair!

Finally I can cut my hair~
My hair has become super long until I need to use hair pin and hair tie everytime I work. Now that I have shorter hair, it feels more lighter and more easy to manage my hair.  
What do you think about my new hair?
PS: I still have few posts with my super long hair to publish, so later when you see a new post but I still have super long hair in the picture, don't freak out :p

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