Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beauty Event: Misslyn Color Therapy

Hi ladies, few week ago I was invited to Misslyn beauty event. It's been a while since my last beauty event so I kinda missed the atmospher. I rarely attend an event because mostly the schedule is not fit with mine. Fortunately, Misslyn event was held on weekend and after my office hour. yay~ 

When the first time I arrived at the venue, I noticed ce Mindy and Sabrina, and I can't recognized the others bloggers. Looks like our community have become larger and now we have so many new bloggers. I asked ce Mindy about their name (she is the only one that know everyone because she is always attend beauty event at Surabaya hehehe).

The event took place at Matahari Dept. Store. The decoration is very colourful and suits the theme very well. The theme for this event is "COLOR THERAPY", which means you can use colour make up depending on your mood.

The sweet corner~ Everything look super cute! even the mineral water bottle~

The event basicly only a simple meet up between Misslyn team and Surabaya Beauty Bloggers. The last time they made an event is almost 2 years ago, when the first time Misslyn enter Surabaya's market.

The spokeperson (ce Anna) tell us about Misslyn (some of us also didn't really knew about this brand before). She also explain about Misslyn products. They have many varians from Eye, Face, and Lips make up. And also many color selection of nail polish. After some explanation about the brand, we played Face Charts Game. Here, we were given a blank face chart and we need to use our skill to make this plain lady looks more beautiful.

I'm not an expert when it comes to face chart. Plus this one printed on normal A4 paper, so it's quite hard to blend the color hikz. I made mistake with the nose contour, can't erase it and too lazy to start again with a new paper. hahaha.

The winners for the game are: Dyta, Jessica A, and Wulan. Congrats girl~

Now into the goodie bag! A super cute hamper! We were give a mason jar filled with 3 Misslyn products (too bad I've already have the same color for the lipstick.. read my review about it here) and also a voucher. With the voucher, I bought another lipstick and lip liner.

That's all my report for now. Thank you Misslyn for the invitation [also Lina and Ce Mindy as the coordinators]~

PS: Happy Easter everyone~

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