Monday, March 14, 2016

Current Favourite: Kiehl's Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence

I've been changing my skincare products to Kiehl's since 2 years ago *before, I was into The Body Shop Tea tree series* and quite satisfied with the result (PS: I also use some products from Erha Clinic and SKII in between). Recently I bought a new product from Kiehl's called  Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence. Bought the travel size from online shop at Instagram and been using it for 1 month now.

A little story about this product from their website:

" Renew, re-nourish and replenish with our treatment essence to improve your skin's surface quality and illuminate its youthful radiance. The ideal delivery for anti-aging ingredients, our-silky textured essence quickly absorbs into skin and prepares it for enchanced efficacy of subsequent treatments "   

The full products cost around IDR 650K. But I got mine in travel size for IDR 125K (40ml). I used it twice daily after I wash my face. I pour some products on my palm and tap in lightly on my skin. After that I will continue with moisturizer.

When the first time I decided to buy this essence *Some people also called this pre-serum*, I was searching for something that can make my rough skin softer. I've been dealing with acne problem since forever and mostly my skincare products are tend to make my skin dry. Also I have problem with redness too on my face because of acne scars. I saw the description from the seller about this product. She said this essence is good to reduce redness and makes another skincare product that you apply after that works better.

What I love the most from this essence is the scent. It has nice floral scent and also the texture is watery and light. After tap it on my face, I still can smell the scent for a while, when it's completely gone I start using another skincare products. I use my acne treatment after I apply this essence, and I think it really helps to boost the treatment after that, because so far I can the redness on my face are reduce. I also can see that my acne start to reduce after I add this essence on my skincare routine

So far I'm quite satisfied with this pre-serum. Maybe later I will repurchased the full size.. or maybe the travel size again hahahaha.. Because to be honest 40ml is quite many amount to use and the price is more acceptable.

Have you heard about this product before?


  1. Kiehl's ini merek yang pingin banget aku beli sejak dulu, tapi lihat harganya itu bikin kepala pusing 7 keliling hahahaha... Aku tertarik banget sama seri rare earthnya, buat pori2 gitu, secara pori2ku besarnya ampuuuun~ Kalau yang ini aku belum pernah denger deh, mungkin karena aku bukan orang yang update sama barang mahal T^T

    1. hahaha iya kiehls ini termasuk produk high-end..kualitasnya bagus kalau menurutku..aku ada pakai beberapa macam dan berfungsi semua sih hehehe.. coba beli sample sizenya aja ce, biasanya lebih terjangkau..

    2. Gitu ya, cari sample size tapinya di mana ya T^T olshop langganan aku jual sample size tapi bukan yang aku taksir, syedih banget deh. Kamu ada langganan juga gak olshop khusus kiehl's gini? Siapa tau dianya ada jual seri rare earth itu T^T

    3. aku biasanya beli di IG:lovebyapril kalau rare earth jarang liat sih travel sizenya tapi coba aja stalking di ignya siapa tahu ada hehehe ^^


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