Thursday, March 31, 2016

Holiday Trip 2016: Macau

Hello again~ This is the second post about my latest holiday to HK. When talk about HK of course we can't forget the neighbours, Macau! I went to Macau by turbo jet from HK. The journey took times around 1 hour 30 minutes (less or more, because I completely forget about it hahaha). Same with HK, the weather in Macau is still very cold at that time. 

We visited the famous Senado Square at afternoon. It was super crowded and full of peoples. Lot of people walk all over the way and also lot of seller yell to promote their shop. What I like the most from Senado is, we can try the food before we buy it (well, even you don't want to buy they still give you the tester, generously). My favourite is pork jerky tester, they always give a big bite for the tester. Whenever you feel hungry go to Senado for free food hahahaha~

After walk several minutes, we reached at the Ruins of St.Paul. I think this is the Macau's icon. Someone can't be said "already went to Macau" when you still haven't took picture in front of the ruins. As predicted, it was crowded and we barely can took picture without photobombed by the others. 

Every corner in Macau is beautiful. I managed to found this beautiful street near senado square. I googled about it and turns out the name is St. Augustine Square. It was the most beautiful street I've ever seen. It just a simple street with lamp poles on right and left side. Each pole decorated with beautiful flower pots. Simple but beautiful.

Next stop is Venetian! No need more explanation, this mall is very beautiful with its interior and also the fake ceiling. It never dark at Venetian.

Because I went to senado right after I came from HK, I can't bought anything because it's too crowded. So, I decide to go there again the next morning. Went there at 9 a.m and I think it's the best time to visit senado. The stores are still empty and I can shop with ease. yay~ Bought a lot of items from macau, especially Bonjour. Well, they had stores in HK too, but I think the BA in Macau is more friendly than in HK. Sometimes the price is cheaper too.

This is the end of Macau Post. Next post is Haul post!


  1. Agree! Free food in senado square! haha this post brings back memories when I took one summer course in Macau. I love their street food the most :D

  2. LOL!! free food. hahaha
    Macau Egg tart also the best <3 <3

    1. hahahaha whenever I remember senado, I remember about the free food~


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