Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: Misslyn Lipstick Brink Pink

Today's topic is a beauty review! yay~ It's been a while since I write a new review. Now, I want to talk about my favourite lipstick from Misslyn. I don't have many lipsticks because I tends to use the same lipstick over and over again. Not sure why, but if I already attracted to 1 color, I will use it again and again and ended forget the others hehehehe.

Misslyn lipstick comes with black color packaging. There is "Misslyn" word on the cap with white color. Black and white are the best combination ever. Nothing can go wrong with these colors. I love the simple packaging and the choice of the colors. My shade is number 58 which called "Brink Pink". I describe the color as a combination between pink and red color. I can't really remember the price because it's been a while since I owned this lipstick. But I believe it's under IDR 100K.


The color is very pigmented and the texture is creamy. It has no scent, no taste, and feel light on my lips. Even when I used it without lipbalm, it doesn't overdrying my lips. The staying power is also quite good unless I eat heavy food. Unfortunately, it does transfer to glass / straw / tissue even after a while. So, I always bring the lipstick for a touch up. Some tips to prevent the lipstick to transfer to glass / straw, you must lick the glass/ straw first before you drink.

FOTD with Misslyn lipstick Brink Pink:

What do you think about the color?


  1. such a perfect spring colour! loving it a lot, you look great wearing it dear x

  2. Shasha cepet banget udah direview! Bagus ya pinknya! Sukaa hahah

    1. Ini bukan yang kemarin dev..punyaku sendiri udah punya dari lama~ hahahaha..kebetulan reviewnya uda siap, eh ada acaranya misslyn ^^


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