Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wedding Diary: Engagement Preparation + DIY Chopstick Cover

Hello~ here come a new post about my upcoming wedding. I was hesitate to write this post because I don't know what to write hahaha~ Hmm.. maybe I should share about my engagement first, shall I? I'm planning to have an engagement party around May. I've already booked a chinese restaurant near BF's house as the venue. Why near BF's house? Because I don't have many relatives here, and mostly the guests are BF's relatives and their home are around there too.

For the decoration, I heard that the venue already come with a simple backdrop and also large "double happiness" word, so I don't need to add more for the decoration. However I'm planning to add more flowers for the main table so it will look more colourful. PS: A blogger friend also contacted me and offered a free hand bouquet for my engagement~ yay! thank you, looking forward for the bouquet :)

For the table, nowadays the stationery kits are very famous as table decoration. Most people will have their plate and glass decorated with cute stationery. I also want to use that kind of decoration, but most decoration vendor only offer the price for 10 pax (which means 1 table). I want all my table decorated with the same stationery (of course I can always request the vendor to do so, but the price is very expensive), so I decided to make one by myself.

I make chopstick cover, glass coaster, cupcake topper, and little card for the plate. Been working on this project for 3 months and finally I manage to finish it few months before the event :) [Sorry I don't upload the picture because it shows the date of the event and I don't want to spoil it before the D-day]

I don't have any special theme for the decoration, I just use the freebies template from Freepik (best website for free vectors/illustration!) and edit it myself. Then print and cut it. For the chopstick cover, it took more time, because I need to fold it several times, but here I will share the simple steps to make it:

DIY Chopstick Cover

1.First, you need a plain paper (or color) size 21 x 15 cm / half of A4 paper.  If you want to insert a picture, you simply put the paper into the printer and print the picture. If you're to lazy to do that, simply use paper wrapper that already have picture.

2. After that, divide the paper into the half again (make sure the side with picture is outside)

3. Then open the fold and you will see a clear line in the middle of the paper

4. Fold the above side of paper to the middle line, then open it (do the same for the bottom side)

5. Now you have 3 straight line on your paper

6. Fold a little triangle on the above side of the paper to the line a

 7. Fold a bigger triangle on the bottom side of the paper to the line b (center line)

8. The bring all the above side paper to the bottom, and glue the back of the paper

9. Fold the bottom and secure it with tape. (This is the back side)

10. Flip it and then you're done :)

I hope you can understand the tutorial. I will update more about my wedding preparation as soon as possible :) Thanks for reading.


  1. Wahhh.. congratulations on your upcoming wedding. semoga lancar ya persiapannya :)

  2. Selamat cece buat tingjingnya dan of course wedding day^^
    Haha aku setuju banget ce hari gini eo di surabaya kalo charge dekorasi muahal bangett ><
    Beruntung sekarang banyak web yang bantu buat ngasih inspirasi ..
    dan tutorial yang cece kasih in keren lohh aku baru tahuu juga ^^
    Semoga lancarr ceeee ^)^

  3. so happy about your wedding dear! wish you the best xx

  4. wah so happy for you! wishing you all the best sha ;D

  5. Congrats! happy for you !!
    i am thinking the same way as you if im married in the future, making my own custom design for souvenirs and table setting hehe~ smart way to spend less <3
    Have a smooth preparation yaa :)


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