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Review: Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

This mask has become my favourite since year ago. But I never buy the real size one until last March. Usually I will ask for free sample from Kiehl's counter. If I buy full size product at counter, the BA will give me around 5 sample sachets, and almost all the times I will request for mask sample. The sample sachet from Kiehl's is quite big and they're very generous with the amount. Usually I can use the mask sample for 2 times, just remember to secure it tightly after open because it tends to dry faster.
Back on March, I decided to bought the real size in HK, the price is slightly cheaper compared with Indonesia's counter, but the main reason is because I got excess money at that time and don't know what to buy hahaha, so ended bought this mask. 

Empties #2

Finally I make a new post on this category. So happy because I can finish more items. As I've mentioned before, I'm very determine to make many empties post. So, for the second batch of the empties, here are the products that I managed to finish.

Skin79 Orange Super Plus [Repurchase: YES] This is one of my favourite BB Cream ever. In fact I've already finished 2 bottles of this BB Cream. I also mentioned it as my HG Product. Though the price is quite expensive, it has all the good benefits! Read more about it: HERE and HERE
Etude House Oh My Eyeline [Repurchase: YES] Also one of my HG Products, you maybe noticed that I always write about this product whenever I can hehehe. Read more about it: HERE
Makarizo Anti Frizz Spray [Repurchase: No] My hair vitamin spray before I change to Lucido-L. I don't really experience the anti frizz effect as I think my hair still look the same no matter how much I sprayed it. It has quite strong scent, which I don't really like. The go…

April Haul!

Whenever I'm feeling down, shopping is the best medicine hehehe~ Recently I bought some new items to fulfill my vanity table. I've tried to limit myself with shopping ban. But, after I came back from HK, I just buy anything that I want hahaha. It's been a while since I shop online to buy cosmetics, even my mom asked me why lately there aren't much package mail like the old I try to save as much as I can because I have many important things to buy in the near future. But I guess girls will always be girls, right? We can't say no to clothes and cosmetics! hahaha~ Anyway, I got plenty discount vouchers this month, that's why I decided to bought some new cosmetics.

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Mask Etude House Oh My Eyeline  Silky Girl Boost Lipcolor Balm Poppy and Rose Silky Girl Blush Hour Flashing Rose Mizzu Eye Brow Matic Chocolate Maybelline Eye and Lips Remover Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatm…

My "In a Hurry" Products!

Admit it or not, doing make up in the morning is quite stressful. Especially when you wake up late and still have many things to do. Because of that, I want to share some products that may work best when you're in a hurry. These are my favourite products to used when I was late~

Base Make Up: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion This BB cushion has everything. It is moisturise well, contains high SPF and provides nice coverage. So I can skip moisturizer and sunscreen to minimize the time.
Eyeliner: Etude House Easy and Quick Pen Liner The quickest way to draw bold eyeline is by using this pen. It has a thick tip, so I only need to draw once to get a bold black line on my eyes.
Eyebrow: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Drawing eyebrow can be really stressful and took a long time. That's why when I'm in a hurry I will forget the eyebrow pencil and go with this powder. All I need to do is fill the gap on my eyebrow with this powder and I'm ready to go. It is easy and less messy than dra…

Cleansing Tools Yay or Nay? + Review POBLING Pore Sonic Cleanser

Hello~ topik kali ini just random thought  aja, barusan aku sempat baca artikel tentang "Perlukah Cuci Muka dengan Cleansing Tools?" di Female Daily. Nah, karena beberapa waktu belakangan aku juga mulai melakukan ritual cuci muka + bantuan tools, maka aku mau share pengalamanku menggunakan cleansing tools.
Ceitanya berawal dari beberapa bulan yang lalu, salah satu sahabatku menceritakan tentang Clarisonicnya. FYI, temenku ini sudah ngidam beli clarisonic sejak lamaaa.. hampir 1 tahunan kayaknya, tapi dia maju mundur terus waktu mau beli karena harganya yang tidak murah. Akhirnya beberapa waktu yang lalu dia mutusin beli Clarisonic (aku kurang paham yang tipe mana sih). Habis gitu, dia share ke aku tentang si clarisonic ini. Based on her review: Kalau pake clarisonic muka jadi halusss, habis cuci muka pingin pegang muka terus soalnya kenyal dan clingg, pas mau jerawatan ( you know the moment when you can feel there's a bump on ur face) kalau rajin cuci muka pakai clariso…

Descendants Of The Sun

Source: Asian Wiki
Yay~ a new K-drama review. This one deserve 100 thumbs up! My favourite drama ever! This is called Descendants of The Sun. If you love to watch K-drama, you maybe already heard about this, because it was very popular since the first episode. I heard the 3rd episode hit more than 20% for the nationwide ratings.
What makes this drama so special?
1. The cast are superb! Song Joong Ki as the male lead and Song Hye Kyo for the female lead. I envy Hye Kyo's skin!! how can she looks super pretty and flawless when she already passed 30?? *my friend tell this joke to me, well maybe she eat Laneige for her breakfast and dinner, lol!!* Song Hye Kyo is the brand ambassador for Laneige. Song Joong Ki also super handsome and flawless. I watched him since running man years ago. Yes, he indeed handsome, but back then I didn't really attracted to him. I found his face is pretty rather than handsome. But after came back from the military service, he looks super handsome and m…

Deep Relax Massage at Dauni Spa & Beauty House

Halo semuanya~ kali ini aku mau berbagi cerita tentang pengalamanku mencoba Body Massage di Dauni Spa and Beauty House. 

Aku sampai di Dauni kira-kira pukul 09.45 pagi dan di lokasi masih sepi, bahkan tulisan tanda "close" masih menempel di pintunya. Sempat ragu mau masuk, tetapi ternyata sudah ada yang menyambut di dalam. Karena teman-teman blogger yang lain belum datang, aku berkesempatan mengambil beberapa foto di ruang tunggunya.
Di ruang tunggu Dauni ada 2 kursi besar yang comfy~ plus sofa yang sedang aku duduki saat mengambil foto ini. Ada pigura dengan gambar daun-daun emas yang langsung menarik perhatian saat aku duduk di sofa. Sempat bingung dengan gambar ini, sekilas aku kira gambar serangga (ladybug?), tapi setelah diperhatikan lebih lanjut ternyata bentuk daun hehehe~ *agak random*
Front Office-nya, dimana biasanya tamu yang datang langsung duduk di sini untuk memilih treatment yang akan dilakukan dan mengisi formulir yang disediakan.

Selfie~ while waiting for t…

Review: Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation

Hi ladies, How are you? Today I want to share my opinion about my latest foundation from Maybelline called Dream Satin Skin. I rarely use foundation unless when I go to party. My skin can't stand foundation for long time. Everytime I used it for more than 5 hours for 2 days straight, I will ended with new acne *sigh* That's why I always stay with BB cream for daily make up. I've decided to try this one because I heard this foundation texture is lightweight plus I got this for almost free (use my last luxola voucher) hehehe..

Packaging: Stored in a tube with glass material, this foundation also comes with a small pump. I love pump packaging because it is more easier to control the amount of the product that I want to use. The disadvantage is the pump maybe not works well after some time / after the products run out. Fortunately, my pump still works perfectly since the start until now. The glass bottle packaging is quite risky to bring outside the house, so I think it isn…

Hong Kong and Macau Beauty Haul!

Finally the long awaited haul post from my latest trip to HK and Macau last month. I bought quite many this time. But I still want more~ if only my baggage not overloaded, I definitely buy more items. hahaha~ 

The main product is Mask Sheet! I always love My Beauty Diary Mask Sheet and the price in HK is super cheap~ If you going to HK, try to buy MBD mask at Bonjour not Sasa, because the price is cheaper. I bought 4 different varians of MBD Mask which are: Black Pearl, Apple, Strawberry Yogurt, and Collagen. Black Pearl and Strawberry Yogurt are my favourite varians because it really works like its claim for me. As for the Collagen I bought it for BF's mom.

Sister Diary Mask Sheet I missread the name as MBD at first, then I realized it was a different brand. Since the price is also affordable I decided to try 1 box. My varian is Black Pearl. It has a nice purple box, slightly smaller than MBD box.

Tony Moly Products! Strawberry Magic Mushroom, Golden Magic Mushroom, Pocket Bunny M…