Sunday, April 3, 2016

3 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without + My HG Products

Supposed to make it as "1 Beauty product I can't live without" but I failed to minimize it to 1 hahahaha. Seriously I have a hard time to choose only 1 so I will go with 3 products. The first one is my life saver the eyelid tape. People with big eyes and double eyelids may laugh, but this little thing really help to give me a double eyelids. Though sometimes some people still can't really see it due to my super small eyes and hooded eyelids *lol*

The second one is BB Cream. I have problem with acne scar and the only things that can work to cover it, is the BB Cream. Why not foundation? well, eventhough it has more coverage than BB Cream, I must say no it because my skin can't stand it. If I use foundation 2 days in a row I will ended with new acnes all over my face. Even the lightest foundation will still makes my skin breakout so for the time being I always stick with BB Cream.

Lastly, Black Eyeliner! again, this is the most essential item to make my eyes look bigger hehehehe. Plus I always feel "naked" when I don't use eyeliner. My favourite is the liquid type, though some people said the gel type is more easy to use, I found liquid is the easiest to use. When the first time I learn to draw an eyeline, I use liquid eyeliner. Maybe that's why I feel some fond to liquid type.

Now into my Holy Grail Products! Actually I often changing my HG products, but these three manage to stay with me for years~ So, I decide them as my HG products for 2016 *In case, I change my mind later hahaha*

For Eyelid Tape, my favourite brand is called Maycare *You can buy this at Tammia Counter at Matahari Dept.Store*. It has perfect shape for my eyes and it already sold in piece. 

For BB Cream, it is Skin79 Orange Super Plus. It has a good coverage, nice scent and high level of sun protection.

For Eyeliner, my HG is from Etude House Oh My Eyeline. The color is really black, waterproof but easy to remove, smudge-proof, nice brush, and super cheap!

So, do you have beauty product that you can't live without? share with me~


  1. Wahh.. Jd penasaran sama eyelinernya.. =)

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  3. Setujuu, eyeliner etudenya bagus! Item terus tahan lamaa.

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  5. eyebrow pastinya XD ga bisa bayangin ya keluaran tanpa alis XD XD
    should be one of my HG product that I can't live without haha

  6. Aku gak bisa hidup tanpa eyebrow powder, secara alisku tebel tapi juga botak2 sana sini, kebanyakan eksperimen #headdesk


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