Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hong Kong and Macau Beauty Haul!

Finally the long awaited haul post from my latest trip to HK and Macau last month. I bought quite many this time. But I still want more~ if only my baggage not overloaded, I definitely buy more items. hahaha~ 

The main product is Mask Sheet! I always love My Beauty Diary Mask Sheet and the price in HK is super cheap~ If you going to HK, try to buy MBD mask at Bonjour not Sasa, because the price is cheaper. I bought 4 different varians of MBD Mask which are: Black Pearl, Apple, Strawberry Yogurt, and Collagen. Black Pearl and Strawberry Yogurt are my favourite varians because it really works like its claim for me. As for the Collagen I bought it for BF's mom.

Sister Diary Mask Sheet
I missread the name as MBD at first, then I realized it was a different brand. Since the price is also affordable I decided to try 1 box. My varian is Black Pearl. It has a nice purple box, slightly smaller than MBD box.

Tony Moly Products! Strawberry Magic Mushroom, Golden Magic Mushroom, Pocket Bunny Mist, Petite Bunny Glossy Bar, Peach Hand Cream, Apple Hand Cream, Peach Lip Balm, I'm real Aloe and Strawberry Milk All in Rizer
Bought these from TM shop at Senado, which offer me a lot of samples when I spent above HKD 500. At first I only want to grab the bunny mist because it was on sale, but the BA then show me another cute glossy bunny bar (which also on sale for set). Later when I browsed the store, I saw a cute mushroom! Omg! Korean brand never fails to amaze me with their packaging! The magic mushroom comes with 3 varian, strawberry, chocolate and golden. With many many thoughts and various reasons, I left the chocolate one and bought the other 2. Also bought some hand cream and lip balm as souvenirs for my friends (but ended claim the handcreams as mine hahahaha~ only let go the lip balm for my friends). For the gift, the BA give me 2 full size products of I'm real Aloe and Strawberry Milk All in Rizer and some sample sachets.

My favourite face mask from Kiehl's. I always ask for this sample whenever I purchased something from Kiehl's shop. I never buy the full size before because the price is quite expensive. But this time I decide to buy it! the price is a little bit cheaper in HK. This is the reason why I didn't bought Tony Moly Chocolate Mushroom mask, because it is targeted for large pores. I think the function is the same with Kiehl's rare earth mask.

Canmake Matte Crystal Cheeks
Whenever I visited Sasa, I made sure to check the canmake counter. This time I bring home a new blush from canmake. It contains 2 different colors, the dark pink is matte blush while the pale pink contains glitter. I always love canmake blush because its appearance is always cute. Can you spot the rose emboss inside the packaging?

Kanebo Kate Products!
I knew about this brand around 2 year ago, at that time I was given Kanebo Kate Mascara from Kawaii Beauty Japan, and I was completely in love with it. When I went to HK, I discover this brand at Log On,Times Square. I managed to bought some items~ too bad the mascara that I want is sold out, so I only buy eyeliner and eyebrow products and some base make up.

Daiso Plastic Container
Yes! I found Daiso store at the Peak, HK. Though the store name isn't daiso, but they sell daiso items. I bought 2 pink plastic storage. BF complaints about it will took some space on our luggage but at last I still can stuffed it inside my bag~ hahaha..

Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser + Jant Blanc Cucumber Gel
Bought this just because the BA is always show this item to me everytime I walk inside Bonjour hahahaha. After hesitated for a while, I decided to bought it because it has a complimentary gift~ Plus the brush is super soft! hope it will works well to deep clean my pores. For those who curious, both brands are from Korea.

Palmer's Soothing Oil + Coconut Body Wash
This is belongs to my mom. I found the price is quite ridiculous, at first I only want to buy 1 (HKD 128), but the BA then give me the a package consist 2 products + 1 body wash as a gift for only HKD 208. My mom look at me like *asdfghj.... of course the set is way more better* hahaha.. Super good deal! Plus the oil really works to reduce itchiness~ my mom quickly fell in love with it.

Bought this just because it was on sale for HKD 55 (which I found super cheap), Later when I visited Langham place, I saw TCFS counter and the same product was sold for HKD 110. So happy because I buy it with cheaper price hahaha..

Kose Suncut UV Protect Gel
Again, belongs to my mom. She run out her usual sunscreen so I choose this one for her. It has high SPF so I think it will suitable for her.

Huuf.. That's all my new items from HK-Macau trip. Please let me know if you want me to review specific item first. I'm planning to do it slowly because I still have many review to catch up hehehe~ but, I'll try my best to make it as soon as possible. For now, I've tried the kanebo kate products several times. Maybe I will write about it first in near future.


  1. Aaaa haulnya!!! Aku paling mupeng produk Kate setelah jatuh cinta sama Powderless foundationnya.
    Aku penasaran nyobain pobling juga. Tapi cleansing bush mesti buat mukaku bentol-bentol merah-merah padahal pakenya ga greget ><
    Review apapun dari Kate dong ^^

    1. Pobling lumayan oke sih di aku, ga ada efek merah2 atau yang gimana hehehe.. review kate ya? oke~ masih dikerjaiin ^^

  2. aduh haulnyaaaa.... itu surga bangeeettttt..... >_<

  3. Strawberry all in rizer itu apa Sha? Kok lucu... Dan enak ya d luar kalo belanja gt bisa dpt full size gifts nya, dsini mah boro2 *LOL*. Btw aq pake masker Aztec itu ngecilin pori2 loh, berasa banget (sounds like you're interested in pore minimizing masks)

    1. Kl di deskripsi boxnya sih toner plus moisturizer gitu ce, jadi selain mengangkat sisa kotoran, juga kulit kita jadi lembab kayak habis apply moisturizer, 2 in 1 produk gitu.. yup, di luar kalau ngasih bonus mantap banget, ga tanggung2 hehehe.. aztec? coba ntar aku googling~ hehehe..

  4. Aakkkk... Packaging bunny nya bikin klepek2.. :)

    1. imutt ya? aku juga suka banget liat yg bunny2 hehehe~

  5. Haulnya banyak banget say, ditunggu review - reviewnya :)

  6. Tony Moly Bunny Pack itu perawatan buat rambut kah? Lucu bangeeeeeeeeettsss XD

    1. maksudnya yng pocket bunny? bukan nin itu face mist~ hehehe

  7. packagingnya lucu lucu ya ampun gemes bgt. ><

  8. Nice blog


  9. Wah menggoda2 ya ce xD
    Tapi akhir2 ini aku mulai agak beralih ke kosmetik dari USA ._.

    Mind to follow back my GFC? Thank you! ^^



    Itu Kate ya ampun! Kesukaan aku banget kalau ke Jepun, pasti ngeborong, gegara dulu spoke personnya kan Mika Nakashima, penyanyi kesukaan aku hahaha~ #biasbanget

  11. ahh salah fokus sama packagingannya yang imut itu..


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