Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Too Cool For School Egg Mouse Pack

Please welcome my very first Too Cool For School product ever~ clap..clap.. I bought this Egg Mouse Pack in HK, back on March. At that time it had a special price, sold at HKD 55 which means only IDR 93.500 yay~ I found it was super cheap, because I remember I saw the price for this product at local online store, and most of the sellers sell this around IDR 150.000 - 200.000. Nice deal isn't it?

TCFS Egg Mouse Pack described as a soft white mousse like whipping cream, makes rough skin soft and smooth. The essence contain a large amout of moisturizing ingredients. Mousse wash-off pack gives gloss, moisture and re-silience to the skin. Egg yolk extract moisturizes and nourishes skin leaving skin shiny and healthy.

I was so attracted with the words "Soften rough skin" so I decided to bought this mask. Though, at first I kind of scared about the scent. I thought it would smell horrible like raw egg. Turns out when I try it at home, it smells really fragrant and quite addictive. The outer box has an english description, which is really a big help for non Korean. It also has the ingredients and caution list.

Stored in a tin bottle, this mask comes with a pump packaging to create a mousse. Before I used it, I decide to shake it a little, and I can hear the sound of a ball and something liquid. After that, I shake it quite hard and I can feel the bottle become a little heavy and the sound of the ball and the liquid are gone. My guess is, the mask itself is in a liquid type, and to use it you shake it well, after you shake it well, the liquid thing will become a mousse. Imagine you whisk a bowl of white egg.

To use it, pump some products on dry hand and massage on dry face for several minutes. I seriously love the scent!! After that rinse with warm water. And voila~ I have a clean, supple, and softer skin. Yes, it really helps to make my skin softer even only after the first use (but not a long term result). The mousse is really soft and I love the sensation when I massage it on my face. It's like put a whipping cream on your face but this one has a nice smell and works good for skin hahaha.

I think this mask is quite worth to try! I love the idea of mousse texture, this is the first time I try this kind of mask and I really like it. Now I will start to set my eyes on this brand maybe I can found another good product from it.hehehe~ Have you tried this mask?


  1. Waa aku punya ini sama soapnya juga yg warna biru.. tapi aku lbh suka sabunnya sih drpd mousse pack nya XD

    1. Wah aku belum nyoba sabunnya keliatannya oke juga ^^

  2. wah teksturnya lebih ringan kalau mouse gini yaa, untuk wajah kering seperti aku kayanya cocok. oiya aku nominasiin kamu di liebster award cek ya di

  3. wahh busanya benar-benar banyak gan, tekstur-nya juga terlihat sangat lembut..


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