Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: Tony Moly Peach and Apple Hand Cream

Hi, on my latest haul post, I bought 2 new hand cream from Tony Moly. I admit that I rarely use body lotion / hand cream or other lotion on my body. Simple reason, because I'm too lazy and hate sticky feeling on my skin. But, nowadays most body lotion / hand creams are absorp quickly and not sticky at all (Thank you for whoever invented it~). So, today I want to share my opinion about my Tony Moly Hand Cream.

I bought 2 different varians, Apple and Peach. Actually these products are already in the market for quite long time. And these products are one of the best seller from Tony Moly. I always love cute packaging and yes, I really want to buy it since long time ago, but again, I think it will be waste of money if I don't use it. To be honest, at first I also bought these hand creams for my friends, but when I open it at home and smell the scent, I compeletely fell in love with it and decided to use it by myself hahaha~

I also can't help but admire the packaging ideas. It looks like a real fruit. My mom also told me that it is really cute. The peach scent has peach as the packaging, so does the apple. It made from hard plastic, so I need to be very carefull not to drop it to floor. Though the packaging isn't really convinient for a daily hand cream (the tube packaging is better and more travel friendly), I forgive because it is cute. hehehehe~ Inside the packaging, there is another separator lid made from plastic.

The texture of the cream is quite thick, white color, and have fruit scents. It absorb quickly, not sticky and left my hands smell like fruit for couple hours. It also works good to make my hand more moist. Well, I can decide my favourite between these two because the scent is quite addictive. The apple scent is sweet and kinda sour. It give fresh feeling after I used it. While the peach one is only sweet and it works like an aromatherapy for me. I love to smell my hand after I use this hand cream.

Another advantage from this hand cream is, you can use it as a decoration after finished it. I've already put it on my work desk, and most of my office mates said it was cute and they can't believe when I sait it is a hand cream hehehe~

So, have you tried this hand cream?


  1. paling suka yg peach XD cute bgt. dulu sempet pngen beli tp g jadi haha. Ah jadi pengen beli lg haha XD

    1. packagingnya yang ga nahan lucuu banget hehehe

  2. tonymoly alwaaays has the cutest packaging! the brand launched into sephora in my country just recently but they don't have all the products yet, i'm excited to try these soon! x


    1. I hope they restock soon! their packaging is too die for~

  3. imooottt banget packagingnyaaa.. =) gemeeess

  4. Packagingnya cute kebangetan yaa... Pingin coba yg apel deh;)
    btw, following you now, mind to follback?;)


  5. packagingan hand cream-nya cute banget kak, suka..


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