Monday, June 20, 2016

If I could go back and give myself beauty advice..

image: Freepik

It would be: Use more skincare please......

I must admit I kinda late to knew about beauty related things. When I was younger I kinda neglected my skin. I rarely use body lotion (because I hate the sticky feeling on my body), I didn't apply any skincare (even sunscreen) on my face. Well, sometimes I apply moisturizer but not daily hahaha. So my beauty routine when I was teenager was like this:

Take a bath - wash my face with facial foam (I remember my very first face wash was Biore Anti Acne facial foam that cost me only IDR 12K with the red/white packaging) - then apply a Garnier moisturizer (I believe it's already contains SPF 15 that's why I didn't wear any sunscreen after that) - then use compact powder from Pigeon (the one with white color and oval compact packaging. Indonesian readers maybe knew about this product) - when I'm back from school, I remove all the dirts on my face with Ovale facial lotion then back again to the first step.

Basically that's all my beauty routine when I was teen. I also have problems with acne, and to cure it I've tried most of the acne lotion at the local market like Verile acne gel, Clean and Clear Gel, and also lot of unbranded traditional chinese cream. I didn't visit beauty clinic nor tried the facial treatment because at that time, that kind of things are quite expensive and I can't really afford it plus I don't really know much about beauty things. That's why I'm only stick with drugstore products and simple routine.

I think it is around 2007 (or 2006, can't really remember), when I've started read about beauty blog. I followed a lot of veteran blogger and read many beauty posts. I was so hooked with them. I envy their flawless skin and also their make up skill. Then I look into the mirror and saw my unflawless face *sigh*. Well, I always struggle with acnes, but at that time I also have problem with rough skin, dark spot, blackheads, uneven skin tone and many more. I was sad and unhappy with my skin condition. That's why I suggest myself to use more skincare!

Nowadays my beauty routine is upgrade to another level. I can't even leave home without slapping some skincare product on my face. Eventhough I was late, I'll make sure to apply some moisturizer on my face before I go out. People said it's better late than never, right? 

What kind of advice you'll give to yourself? Share with me!


  1. yes, babe!! Better late than never.
    Better late because Guys need to wait us girl after all *lololl*

    I also have some regret these days, sun spot going crazy..
    If I can advice myself earlier, I will scream out loud to myself "you better put those sunscreen off, so you will never have a regret."

    by the way, nice blog post!

  2. yes bener...agree... aku pun nyesel karena dulu ga rawat bener2 jaman muda :D :D :D

  3. Ci aku dulu gak rawat sampe segitunya, tapi muka masih bersih. Sekarang udah pindah kota, dan lebih sering ngerawat, tapi mukanya jerawatan. Hiks. . .:(

    1. hi, kalau masalah jerawat memang ga ada abisnya sih karena penyebabnya bisa macem2 mulai hormon, kebersihan, bahkan kalau pakai produk kecantikan berlebihan juga bisa bikin break out lho hehehe.. aku sendiri juga masih serimg jerawatan sih tapi sekarang lebih dirawat hehehe.. semoga masalah kulit kamu cepet sembuh ya :)


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