Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review: Kanebo Kate Quick Eyeliner

Hello, today I will talk about my latest pen eyeliner from Kanebo Kate. I purchased this eyeliner in HK during my trip few months ago. I knew this brand since years ago, and quickly fell in love with its quality. When I went to HK, I was really happy because I found this brand at Times Square. The price for this brand is very affordable. It also considered as a drugstore brand in Japan. 

So, I decided to give their eyeliner a try. I was looking for liquid eyeliner but can't found one, so I change my mind to pen eyeliner. I've tried their "try me" product before I decide to buy this eyeliner. Kanebo Kate has 2 different tip for the pen eyeliner (not sure if it comes from same range or not, but at that time, I saw 2 pen eyeliner, 1 with thin tip and 1 with thick tip.) because mostly I draw my eyeline with thick line, I buy the thick one.

The pen eyeliner comes with plastic box packaging. The pen itself is like the most pen eyeliner from another brand. How to describe a pen? well, it looks like a pen. lol! The tip is thick (like I've said before) but it isn't as fat as my favourite pen liner from Etude House. I can draw thick line easily and quickly.

This pen eyeliner has a nice black color and dry fast. Unfortunately it is smudge after some time, especially when my eyelids become oily. Hello panda eyes~ 

*sorry blurry pic~*

Also it isn't waterproof *sigh*

I'm quite dissapointed with this result, because I thought it will works good like the mascara that I've owned before. But again I must say good bye to this eyeliner. Maybe someone with double eyelids will love this eyeliner but for me, it's a big NO.


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