Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick

Hello~ another lipstick review is coming~ sorry for spamming this blog with lipstick review and swatches. You know I bought quite a lot of lipstick last month, so please bare with me hehehe~ This time the lipstick come from MAKE OVER~ *FYI, this a local brand*

I got this from Make Over Event few months ago along with the pencil eyeliner that I really love. The Matte lipstick is very booming lately and Make Over also have their signature matte lipstick called Ultra Hi-Matte.

The packaging: Slim and long lipstick. Unlike the other lipstick, the bullet is not sharp. The whole pakcaging is black color with Make Over word printed on it. Down point from me: the material is matte*sigh* maybe they want to suits it with the matte theme, but I always love glossy packaging hahaha

Shade: my color is number 011 (Baby Bomb Shell). This is described as Nude Pink, but what I really like is the color isn't really nude. It looks like a normal pink for me. In fact I think it's a little bit too bright to be called nude. Whatever it is, I love the color~

Price: IDR 89K

Texture: Creamy, glides on my lips easily, color pay off is really nice. And surprisingly it isn't really matte like it's claims. Judging from the name "Ultra Hi-Matte" I thought it will be super matte and maybe make my lips dry. But turns out the final result is like a normal lipstick. It isn't glossy but it's quite moisturizing and not really matte. Staying power is okay. It is faded after I eat heavy food but still can notice it and become like my natural lips color. It will transfer at first but once it set and after some time, it will stays perfectly on my lips.

Overall: I don't find any matte effect, but the color and the texture are good for me. Maybe if they make it more matte than this current texture it will be perfect, or maybe some change in the name? :D

Have you tried this lipctick? Do you encounter the same result like me?


  1. Hai, Sha ^^ aku belum pernah coba sih tp selalu ngiler sama review yang bertebaran dan bilang ini hi-matte lumayan bagus. Kalo ga salah ada yang warna item ya warna barunya Mo? Ga pengen coba, Sha? biar ala-ala gothic gitu. Hahahaha

    Anyway main ke blog Sherly kalo senggang yaa ^^

    1. hmmm aku kurang tahu sih yang warna barunya, belum berani kalau mau nyoba yang ala-ala gothik gitu hahaha

      Thank you ya uda mampir <3

  2. Ih warnanya cantik banget loh di kamu >__< Aku juga punya dan di aku kadang hasilnya matte, kadang deadmatte, kadang biasa aja.. aneh banget kan :'D

    1. hahaha aku juga kadang bingung kok sama hasilnya, tapi ga pernah sampe bener-bener matte gitu, tapi juga ga glossy banget sih hehehe

  3. warnanya bagus, ce. Cocok bgt buat warna kulit fair, kelihatan seger:)
    berhubung hasilnya nggak matte bgt, aku mau cobain ah. hahaa aku gak terlalu suka yg dead matte soalnya XP


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