Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May Haul

Hello~ I'm back again with new haul post. Last month I bought quite a lot of items and mostly are come from Victoria's Secret. They have a good deal for their products. Now here are my new VS products!

VS Secret Charm Body Mist *New Packaging*
Bought this around mid of May, they have special price for the body mist and I guess it because of the new packaging. Sold for IDR 189k (normal price IDR 239K). This is my favourite scent from VS and it's already my third or fourth bottle. I personally think the old packaging is more cute while the new one is more dark and elegant. 

This one need a single shoot because the packaging is too die for!

VS Gold Angel EDT and VS Night EDT
1 week after I bought secret charm body mist, I came back again to VS store and saw "Buy 2 get 2" promotion. Fortunately I came with my BFF and she's also quite a sucker for VS, so we decided to bought 4 (2 for her and 2 for me). Total damage IDR 1.780K FOR 4 bottles! which I found ridiculously cheap! Normal price for 1 bottle is IDR 890K (50 ML) and since I shared with my friend, it's like buy 1 get 1 hahaha~ nice deal

VS Secret Escape Body Mist and VS Secret Charm Body Wash
again another week passed and another promotion came. By the end of May, VS have another special promotion called Mid-Year Sale and "Buy 1 get 1" for the body products. I was late to saw this promotion and when I passed by the counter only 2 scents of the body mist that left and the rest are body lotion, body wash, and body butter. The only scents that available at that time is Love Spell and Secret Escape. I can't bought Love Spell (reason: scroll down) so I ended bought Secret escape (not my favourite at first but later it grows on me hahaha) and the other one I bought secret charm body wash.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Skin Clearing Gel
Bought the tea tree oil just because I run out mine. But the BA keep persuaded me to bought the cleansing gel just because it has 20% disc and it's quite rare (according to the BA).

Himalaya Herbal Purifying Neem Face Wash
My current facial wash. Actually I used the foam type before but nowadays it's quite hard to find that type that's why I switch to the tube packaging. It is works quite good for me and the price is cheap. This is the small one (50 ml) bought for IDR 18.5K 

Etude House Big Cover Concealer BB, The Face Shop Air Cotton Make Up Base Mint , The Skin Food Premium Tomato Essence
Bought from Little Dots. The price from this OS usually the cheapest among another OS, that's why I love to shop here, the seller is also nice. I run out my favourite BB cream and this time I try a new one from Etude, it claims to have a heavy coverage because it is a combination of BB cream and Concealer *will write a full review about it later*, as the mint base make up, I've always want to buy green base make up finally fullfill one thing on my wishlist. TSF tomato essence is forever repurchase for me and my mom.

It's My Cushion set
Bought this set because I really want to make my own BB cushion hehehe. I'm planning to make a post about it later. But, for now I still searching for the right ingredients. PS: You can bought this brand from Althea

VS Love Spell Body Mist
Yes another VS product, but this one was bought online from VIP Plaza for only IDR 60K (normal price around IDR 100K) yay~

Benefit Porefessional mini sample
This is a gift from my friend :)

Okay, that's all for my May Haul. Like always, review coming soon~


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