Friday, June 24, 2016

Review: Peripera Peri's Cushion Lips

Hi today I want to write a review about a lip cushion from Peripera. BB cushion is really a big hit lately, so when I saw this lip cushion, I'm really curious and want to try it as soon as possible. My very first lip cushion called Peripera Peri's Cushion Lips. Thumbs up for the cute packaging. It looks like a big colourful marker

This is how the tip looks like. Still clean because I took this picture first before I used it. The body packaging is flexible and to use this product, I need to squeeze the lip cream out of the packaging. This is the hard time, because it is quite hard to make the product come out. The packaging isn't really hard to squezee but the product is quite hard to come out. At first I only squeeze gently because I'm afraid many products to come out but in the end I give up and squeeze it very hard to get the product. You know the feeling when you squeeze almost finished toothpaste? well, it's quite the same with this hahahaha.

The lip cream itself is really soft and pigmented. The finish result is semi matte. Once it set, it almost like a lip tint. It will stay on your lips and the staying power is quite awesome. My shade is PK07 which is really red on heavy swatch. For my lips, I only apply some products on the center of my lips and then spread it with the cushion applicator. I also apply clear lipbalm before that, because this product tends to make my lips dry after some time. I suggest you use lip scrub before if you have chapped lips because the lip cream will make it looks more visible. If you scrub first, it will makes the lip cream glides easier and the color also will come out beautifully.

It is quite hard to squeeze the product and spread it all over my lip at the same time. Usually I will squeeze some products first the gently spread it with the cushion applicator (if you prefer the same way like me, make sure you work fast because like I've said, once it set, it will be hard to blend the color again). For the color through staying power, this product works really great and I have no complaint! maybe I should try lip cushion from different brand and compare it with this one. Am I the only one that have problem with the squeeze packaging? If you already tried this product please share with me~


  1. kayanya kalau bibir gelap gak bkal keluar cantik warnany.. hmm

  2. Warnanya natural banget ya.


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