Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review: Silky Girl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm

I always love tinted lip balm, I think it is a good product as it moisturize lips and also give color in 1 swipe. I mean, I don't need to use 2 different lips products to get a nice color on my lips. I owned some tinted lip balm from Maybelline called baby lips and so far it is my favourite lip balm ever. I've mentioned it several times on different posts such as: My "in a hurry" Products and also 5 Products I'd recommend to Friend

Recently I added more tinted lip balm into my collection. This time it comes from another drugstore brand, Silky Girl. The product called Silky Girl Boost Lipcolor Balm. I bought these from Berrybenka, at that time I got a voucher to spent so I bought 2 of this lip balm.

Price / Amount: IDR 55K/ 3,2 g

Shade: Poppy and Rose, to be honest I only want to buy Poppy at first because I really like the color, I think Rose is too dark for me. But in the end I like Rose more than Poppy because Poppy turns out too bright for me hahaha 

Packaging: The packaging is a fat pencil packaging, where I just need to twist the bottom to make the lip balm comes out. Unlike the other products with pencil packaging, this lipcolor balm doesn't has clear cap, so to identify the color, I must check the bottom packaging, which has different color depending on the shade.


Rose is like deep pink with hint of red. Somehow looks like magenta in my opinion.
Poppy is more like bright orange color with little hint of red. 
I try to mix the color and turns out the new color is also good~ It's like deep red coral color.

Texture: It has creamy texture and nice scent. It moisturize well and the color is pigmented. The staying power is the one that I really like. I apply 2-3 layers and then blot it once with tissue, after that I went shopping. I eat heavy food and drink and went back home after 8-9 hours, I still can see the color of this lip balm. It was faded and become nude pink (when I used Rose as a base, If I used poppy as a based, usually after hours my lips will become peach/nude orange color)

can you guess which color that I used for the FOTD picture?

So far, I think this product is worth to try. As the price is affordable and you can found this easily in drugstore like Guardian and Watsons. Have you tried this lipcolor balm?

Last selfie *I promise* this ponny effect from make up plus is really hit now hahaha~


  1. I love sliky girl lip product.. Affordable and good.

  2. Lama banget pingin cobain produk satu ini, tapi ngga kesampaian terus gara-gara masih punya stock babylips-nya maybelline >_<

  3. warnanya bervarian ya dan terlihat mosturize banget di bibir kamu,,, jadi penasaran mau coba ni ...

  4. hasil dari lip color balm-nya bagus banget kak, warnanya sangat natural..


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