Friday, June 10, 2016

Wedding Diary: Engagement Party

Hello, here come another post about my wedding. This time I will talk about my Engagement day. So, I'm having my engagement party back on May. Need to wake up at 5 and queue at the Salon because that day happen to be a "good day", so many people are having wedding and engagement party. A little bit panic because I was late from the schedule, but fortunately the event went smooth and yes, now I'm officially someone's fiancee. yayyy~

Here are some pictures from that day.

I hired a florist to decorate the center table. But for the other tables, the stationery kits was made by me. I shared some chopstick tutorial the last time, but I decided to change my decoration 1 month before. So, the chopstick cover is different from the tutorial that I've shared. I made all the template by myself and for the pictures source, I got it from Freepik

With this post I want to share (and also thank) some pieces of my e-day and also the person behind it.

My beautiful nail arts are made by talented nail artist, Kiki Coroline [Not sponsored, but I want to give my 2 thumbs up for her]. She always very patient and detailed. I always adore every nail arts that she made. 

My pink hand bouquet thanks to Maya. She is one of my reader and also a blogger, she contacted me long ago and offered me a beautiful and handmade bouquet. Her works is very neat and beautiful. You can visit her store at Instagram.

Cake Pop from my sister. Thank you so much for spending your day off to make these cute babies. It tastes delicious and also look beautiful. Can't wait for the business to open :) 

Random pict of my back, just because I like it without no reason hahaha~

That's all about my engagement, now I'm waiting for the big day [coming really soon!] I'm excited to start a new journey. Thank you for everyone who left me a message (on instagram and also facebook), I can't mentioned you one by one, but trust me, I read every single comment that you've left.

Will back again soon with another wedding post. Guess what's next? :D


  1. congratss sha... boleh dong bagi2 rhasia dkit kpn wedding party nya... hehe... hand bouquet nya so sweet bangett sha... ^^

  2. congrats Shaaaa, semoga semua di lancarkan ya sampai hari H...amiiinn :)

  3. Once again congratulation jiejie ^_^
    Semoga lancar sampai hari H ..
    dan sekali lagi aku sungguh terpesona sama ide-ide cece ^^

  4. Selamat ya, Sha. Semoga lancar-lancar sampai hari H ^^

  5. These ideas look amazing and perfect for a cozy candle light dinner. Thanks for this post. Currently, searching for a couple of vintage engagement party ideas. Planning to get engaged at vintage Chicago wedding venues and looking for inspirations accordingly.

  6. Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful, happy life with your significant other. I love your dress btw! :3


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