Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Introducing: EasySpa

Do you often feel like you want to relax and having a "me-time" but you don't know where the perfect place to go? Well, today I bring a good news! Let me introducing you to "EasySpa" What is that? Read more to know about this amazing app~

easy spa

"Me Time" for me is usually circling around having a massage, doing a hair spa, nail art, facial, and everything about beauty related. But, sometimes it's quite hard to do because I don't know where the good place to spent my leisure time. Well, EasySpa is the answer! This app provide a complete information about wellness and beauty service near you. All you need to do is sign up and you can book your favourite beauty service in minute. yay! First launched in Singapore, EasySpa now is available worldwide and...Indonesia is also one of them! another yay!

What is EasySpa? It is an app that help women to found and booked a beauty service with their smartphone. It is easy and free. All the informations are also very clear. With this app, customers can see the staff profiles, review, service treatments, pricing, map directions, opening hours, and proximity. For the beautician/beauty parlour, this app help to increase customers.

Let me show you about this app, step by step:

First you need to download the application:
Iphone: Download Here
Android: Download Here

1. When you open the app for the first time, you need to sign up first. 

2. You can choose between Business (if you want to offer your service) or Customer 

3. Then you need to fill the registration form (I choose Customer)

4. And Welcome to EasySpa!! Here, they offer 6 beauty service including: 
Makeup,Hair,Massage,Nail Care, Skincare, and Waxing

5. You can choose which service that you want, and they will recommend
 the nearest beauty parlour to you.

6. Then you can choose the treatments and what I love the most is, the information regarding the price is already available. So, you can compare the price before make your booking.

7. Select your payment method

8. Then select the date and time for your appointment.

9. Upon finished your booking, your beautician will get notified with your booking data, after that you can contact your beautician directly.

Super easy and save a lot of time, right? Furthermore, it is also free, everyone can join this app and I think this is a great app for both the vendor and the customer. For beauty parlour or independent beautician outside there, hurry and join this free app to increase your customers. And for the customers (like me) enjoy a new and easy way to book a beauty services. Currently, EasySpa App is still expanding their service. So, only limited area that can be covered, but soon I believe the area will be wider :) 

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