Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Empties #3

It's been a while since my last empties post. It took me quite a long time to finish a product but here are my empty products for this month:

Kiehls Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser [Repurchased: Maybe]
This is actually a good cleanser. It is suitable for oily skin as it tends to make skin dry after used. The texture is also very liquid rather than being a gel. It works good to dried acne and wash off dirts. The price is quite expensive but it sure last for a super long time. I think it last with me for 5 or 6 months.

Himalaya Herbals Neem Foaming Face Wash [Repurchased: Maybe]
I bought this just because the price is super cheap and the Neem ingredient said to works great for acne prone skin. To be honest I always stick with tea tree ingredients when it comes to something that works good for acne prone skin, so I don't put really high expectation about this cleanser before. Turns out, it works good on me and I love it so much. Too bad I can found this type of cleanser anymore. The have the gel type in tube bottle (I use it now) but pump packaging is quite hard to get. 

L'oreal Gentle Eye Make Up Remover [Repurchased: Yes]
My HG eye and lips make up remover. Always repurchase it and stock up whenever I can. Usually Guardian has a good deal for this remover. I remember I just pay IDR 100k for 2 bottle. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream [Repurchased: Yes]
This is one of my favourite BB Cream for acne skin. Though the scent is a little too strong for my liking, I still love the lightweight texture and the fact that it contains tea tree. I even made my own BB Cushion with this BB Cream.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil [Repurchased: Absolutely]
One of My HG skincare. I used it whenever I had a big acne on my face. Sometimes I also mix it with water and use it as a face mist.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack E_X  [Repurchased: Yes]
My very first sleeping pack and also my favourite. I've mentioned it on another post like: 5 products I'd recommend to a friend I also write a full review about it: HERE


  1. Beneran ya L'oreal Gentle Eye Make Up Remover 100k utk 2 pcs? wah mauuu...

    Btw aku baru beli yang The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil ini, baru pake sekali. Ini perjuangan banget bukanya sampai akhirnya ada review yang bilang cara bukanya harus ditekan dulu baru diputer hihi

    1. beli waktu ada promo yang L'oreal hehehe..
      Iya tea tree memang agak susah bukanya, kayaknya dibuat gitu biar ga gampang lepas. aku pertama kali pakai juga bingung tapi lama-lama uda kebiasaan hehehe


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