Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My week on Instagram + Announcement

My schedule is quite hectic this month as my wedding day is coming closer. I just realized I run out a new post to publish from my draft *sigh*. So, today's topic is just random post about my daily life and a little announcement~

Let's start about the long holiday few weeks ago. I'm quite sad because I can't go anywhere during the holiday. My father in-law probihited me to leave the city because the big day is coming soon. In chinese tradition, there is a belive that you shouldn't travel too far from home when it is near your big day. So, I just spent the whole week in my hometown, wandering from mall to mall, while the others are flooding my instagram timeline with the picture of HK, Singapore, Sydney, Paris, and even Maldives! omg, the holiday game is super strong this year~ hahahaha~ 

I also spent a night at 5 stars hotel, btw. Just because my sis got a free room hahaha~ So, at least I can update my IG with that breakfast on bed picture. Also, the day I spent a night at the hotel is the same that Pokemon Go got released. It is still not available in Indonesia, but the illegal one is works on my phone, so decided to play this popular game. 

Got Meowth~ I want a pikachu hikz. Why so hard to found pikachu near my house while my friend can collect 4 pikachu(s) near his house. This is not fair!!!

Next, I took a day off after back to work for few days, because I need to shoot a video clip for the wedding day. Me and BF decided to go casual and simple for our wedding video. After that, we visited our future house.

I took my very first OOTD in my future house! hahaha~ The view outside is still messy so I need to edit it and make it double. Later when I've already moved in, I promise I will took a proper OOTD.

Look at those Doraemon Stuffs! I went gaga at my friend's house. She collect everything about Doraemon and last year, Apieu launched a limited edition Doraemon series for their make up. Being a hardcore fans, my friend bought ALL THE APIEU PRODUCTS THAT HAS DORAEMON ON IT! You read it right, All products! If it comes with 4 shades, she bought all 4. For the BB Cushion, it comes with 2 shades, she also bought it all. The stuffs in my picture isn't complete because she stored everything in different drawers, so I only collect those near me and took picture hahaha~ I wish those are mine~

I love DIY and decorate something. My mom in law asked me to decorate the basket that used to put a bible on my wedding day. I also planning to make my own ring box, so I bought a lot of flower and ribbon and start making a beautiful chaos in my room~ more story about this on my wedding diary *coming soon*

That's all little update from my Instagram. Now Into the announcement, I'm not sure if you notice it or not, but since July 14th, 2016 my dear blog is finally become (dot) com. And I proudly present to you~~~

It took 5 years before finally I bought my own domain hahaha~ actually I planned to change my domain since long time ago, but I always too lazy to search about it. So, when few weeks ago someone named Brenda, emailed me and offer me to buy a domain, I finally agree to her and make my blog officially become .com

PS: Maybe I'm a little out of date, but the process is super simple and not complicated like I thought. I remember years ago when we want to buy a domain, we must give our password to the seller and then they will set it up for us, then we need to wait for few days, and even check it daily whether it crashed or not, etc. But when I buy my domain last week, I only need 3 minutes for the process, and wait 1 day before the name change to .com and done. Super simple and quick hahaha~

PPS: I also hit 1 million pageview last month! yay~ Thank you for all the readers~ I promise I'll update this blog regularly.


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