Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: Kanebo Kate Snow Skin CC Base For Cover

Hello, this time I'll talk about another Kanebo Kate product that I bought from HK few months ago. My first review about the eyeliner is kinda dissapointed because I don't like how it turns. Now I want to review the base make up. Let's see~

When the first time I saw this product, I was quite confused about this product type. The name is Snow Skin CC Base for Cover. Is it CC Cream? or is it something like primer? Because for a base product like CC or BB cream, the amount is quite small (25 g), but the name also contains word "for cover" so I think it will works like BB cream/foundation?

Stored in a black plastic tube, It looks elegant. Plus the material is glossy which makes it looks expensive. Errr.. I forgot the excact price but I think it's around HKD 80 - HKD100. Kanebo Kate is a brand from Japan, that's why all the informations are in Japanese.

The texture of the cream is quite runny and kinda looks like lotion. The color is pink beige and when spread it gives a nice glowing effect (I heard it also contains pearl). The idea of this CC base is to make skin become snow-white skin with a hint of pink. And to give a dull skin apperance a boost and make it more lively.

For the brightening effect, it does really help to make my skin more brighten in natural ways. As the color is pink, it gave my face a healthy glow if I use this as a base make up. Judging from the name, it should be works for cover too, but I don't see any coverage from this CC Base. It does makes my large pores blur a little but it doesn't cover anything else like acne scar/ dark circle.

This CC Base can be used alone or with foundation/BB Cream. I usually use it alone for daily. But If I go to party and need more coverage, I used this as a base and top it again with foundation. So far, I think this product is worth to try especially for daily use because it also contains SPF 35/PA++

Maybe the problem is where to buy this product hehehehe. In Japan, this is a drugstore product, means you can easily buy this in drugstore near you but in Indonesia, I still haven't meet any seller that sell this brand. Anyone can help? 

Have you try something this brand?


  1. CC Base? unik banget yaa hihi 😁

  2. Warnanya pink, kayanya gak bakal cocok untuk kulit tanned.

  3. Cc is color correct. It is really not good if you will use it if you want a full coverage

  4. warnanya agak pink gimana gitu, unik banget.. Tapi hasilnya bagus banget loh, natural..


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