Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mid Year Favourite [Make Up Edition]

Hello~ Happy holiday everyone~ Today's topic is about Favourite Items! yay~~ I can't believe it's already July, which means this year already passed for 6 months and we only have another 6 months before the year change.. Because it's already mid year, I decided to make favourite post consist about everything that I love for these past 6 months. So here are my favourite items:

❤️ Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Air Whipped Liquid Foundation
I can't believe I put a Foundation on my favourite list hahaha. I always have a quite bad relationship with foundation, but this time I found one that quite suitable for me. It offers a good coverage and doesn't makes me break out. Read more: HERE

❤️ Make Over Eyeliner Pencil Royal Blue
I love the formula and the color payoff. It also have a super nice staying power on my oily lids. Not to mention they have various shades for this eyeliner and every color is super pretty. My Full Review: HERE

❤️ Silky Girl Moisture Boost lipcolor Balm
My on-the-go lip product. It has a nice color, can be mixed with another color, and also a great staying power. Moisturizing really well and have a nice pencil packaging. Price is quite affordable and can be found easily in local drugstore. Read More: HERE

❤️ Misslyn Lipstick Brink Pink
This is my favourite lipstick for this year *well at least until this month hehehe*, I've been using it since last year and I really love the color. Read More: HERE

❤️ NYX Eyebrow Powder
This is like my forever eyebrow product. I used it everytime and everywhere. I recommend it to everyone, even on this blog, I've already write about it several times, the latest was on "My in Hurry Product"

❤️ Silky Girl Blush Hour
This is my first blush from silky girl and surprisingly it has a very good formula. It has a nice buttery formula, not chalky and no flying dust when I use it. The brush that comes inside the packaging also has a soft bristle. The color is soft but acceptable. 

❤️ Etude House Tint My Brows Gel
The only Korean brand on this list, surprisingly this year almost all my favourites are from western brand. Last year and the year before, I was really into Korean brand, but this time I was sold mostly to drugstore brand hehehe. This brows gel is my live safer, I always use it at night before sleep and then peel it in the morning, my tinted eyebrow usually last for 5 days before the color completely gone. But usually I will add more powder to shape the eyebrows. Basically I use this and NYX eyebrow powder for my daily eyebrow powder. My full review: HERE

Okay, that's all my favourite products for mid-year 2016. Do you have any favourite products too?

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