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Wedding Diary: Bridal Shower

Hello~ Sorry for being MIA, I still adjusting to my new life. It's been a week since I got married and move in to my new house. So, everything is still messy and hectic. I still have many reviews to come, I hope I can publish it next week.

In Memoriam~Our Beloved Friend..

This post is dedicated to Yessy Suwandi..
This is such a shocking news, for those who active in Indonesia Beauty Blogger Group / Surabaya Beauty Blogger Group, maybe already heard about this news. One of my fellow blogger from Surabaya was passed away this morning. It was so sudden, and make all of us shock. I still remember I saw her post the day before. She enjoyed the independence day holiday at Djati Lounge Malang. But today, I heard the news that she is no longer with us. 
Yesarela Suwandi or better known as Yessy Suwandi is the owner of online shop Bell's Etude House. I knew her years ago, at the earlier years of my blogging life. She is super kind and offer to sponsored my blog by sending me few products to try. For a new blogger like me, that offer is like GOLD. I feel like I'm trusted. She is very loyal, she always send me a lot of things and even chat me once a while if I want to try something new. Super grateful that I met her as one of my sponsor.
I met her back t…

Review: Emina Oh So Kissable

Hai..hai~ aku kembali lagi dengan review lipstick. Kali ini datang dari merk lokal yang terkenal karena packagingnya yang imut dan girly abis, yaitu EMINA. Ini merupakan produk emina pertamaku dan aku suka sekali dengan kualitasnya~

How I Make My Eyes Look Bigger

There are several ways that I always did. Check it out:

Wedding Diary: Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Here comes the third diary about my wedding preparation. Now I will talk about my pre-wedding photoshoot. We (BF and me) decided to shoot our pre-wedding pictures in Hong Kong and Macau (That was the reason why I went to HK few months ago). Why choose HK? well, both of us not really like beach / scenery like mountain, green grass, etc. We are more fond to city view, buildings with many colourful light, and things like that. That's why we decided Hong Kong and Macau as our destinations.

July Haul

Hello again haul post~ These are my new items from last month. Actually I still have few items left but since mostly I bought with pre-order system, I need to wait longer until it's ready. Meanwhile, I can't wait to share what I have now with you :)

Etude House Big Cover BB Concealer

I bought myself a new BB Cream last month, because I run out my HG BB cream from Skin79. I decided to buy a new one from Etude House called Big Cover BB Concealer. I was sold with the word "cover", I heard this BB Cream works not only as a base but also as a concealer because it also contains concealer. My skin is far from flawless, that's why I decide to give this product a try.