Thursday, August 4, 2016

July Haul

Hello again haul post~ These are my new items from last month. Actually I still have few items left but since mostly I bought with pre-order system, I need to wait longer until it's ready. Meanwhile, I can't wait to share what I have now with you :)

First one are Daiso Sponges~ Looking for a cheap make up sponge with good quality? Try Daiso. This item has been my favourite since years ago. With only IDR 25K you can get 10 pcs of make up sponge with rectangular shape, or 25 pcs with assorted shape.

This is my HG hair mask since 2012, I always love the scent and how it makes my thick hair become super smooth and easy to comb. Diggin my old review and found it, Read Here for complete review.


A lot of people raved this cleansing water from the saem, but the Green Tea version. At first I want to buy it but then the seller told me that there is another version, which is tea tree. And being a hardcore fans of tea tree, without a doubt I choose Tea Tree heheheh. I hope this will works good like the others said.

I just discovered about this product 3 months ago, eventhough I'm fully aware about this brand since years ago, even BF's facial wash is come from this brand. So, I bought a travel size (10 g) of this product 3 months ago and completely in love with it. It really helps to eliminate acne and it works super fast. Unfortunately this product only sold in Singapore (cmiiw, at least I can't found one in Surabaya, not sure about Jakarta and another city). So, when last month my uncle went to Singapore, I made him bought me 2 for stock hahaha. Not sure about the price because I didn't pay it, but my uncle said it was quite affordable.

Etude House Oh My Eyeline ~  My HG eyeliner, this time I buy a brown color. No special reason, just because the black one is already sold out hahaha.
NYX Eyebrow pencil ~ This is also one of my HG eyebrow product. I've already finished 2 before this one. See, I always re-purchased things that I found it works good.
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow ~ Bought this along with the eyeliner just because the price is super cheap after the discount. 

Last but not least, New BB Cushion from The Face Shop x My Other Bag! I bought myself a new LV bag *cheat one* yay!!! review coming soon~


  1. Beli sponge daiso dimana ce?
    Ahh cushionnya lucuk bangettt. Sayang udah vakum dari dunia percushionan XD

  2. Packagingnya the face shop bb cushion lucuu bangett..


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