Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wedding Diary: Bridal Shower

Hello~ Sorry for being MIA, I still adjusting to my new life. It's been a week since I got married and move in to my new house. So, everything is still messy and hectic. I still have many reviews to come, I hope I can publish it next week.

Anyway, today I want to share a story about my bridal shower. So, few weeks ago, my best friends made me a surprise party to celebrate my upcoming wedding. Well, to called it a surprise is a little failed actually because I can already guess that they will make me a bridal shower hahaha, I have quick wits, that's why usually it's quite hard to trick me, the one that always success (well, at least 90% success because after that usually I also can predict the next move) is only BF hehehe.

So, the party was held at Sushi Tei Galaxy Mall, as always, this is our favourite restaurant for a party because it has a private room and the food is delicious. I was picked up by my friend (they tell me it was a monthly gathering with the boys too so I will believe it. It was quite hectic that day, because in the morning I was attended a blessing ceremony for my new house, and I was planned to go to another place after that to pick some things for the house.)

Short story,  I enjoyed the event so much~ many thanks for my friends for their time and effort for my bridal shower. The theme is *of course* about makeup!!

We also play a game, which transform me into Valak *lol* My friends put some makeup on me while blindfolded.. and the result.. *sigh* they force me to walk inside the mall with this kind of look, and they even promise to give me money if I do that hahahaha.. I REFUSE! omg I look like a doll..chucky doll hahaha~

Thank you girls! You're the best~ can't wait for the next bridal shower~

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