Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Kocostar Flower Sheet Mask [Sponsored]

Hi again, I'm still talking about Kocostar. If you missed my first post, click here to read about how interesting the slice mask sheet from Kocostar. Speaking of interesting product, these products are also very unique. Have you heard about flower mask sheet? This is the first time I try a flower mask! Read more to know about my review~

Packaging: Packed in a plastic packaging, I can easily saw the flower petals from behind (and also from front of the packaging). Like the slice mask sheet, this flower mask sheet also contains a lot of essence. In 1 pack contains 2 sheet of mask and 6 flower petals/sheet.

Varians: Rose, Tulip, Sunflower

Mask Sheet: The shape is like a real flower petal (especially for the rose). Love it so much and it is really beautiful! While vegetables or fruits mask is quite common, this flower mask is definitely one of a kind. My favourite is the sunflower, because the shape is cute and the color is bright.

It contains a lot of essence and moisturize my skin well and smells more fragrant than the slice mask. Similar like the slice mask, you also can mix all the mask on your face and another part of your body. Usually I use it on my face and neck, and also put some on my hand. Just be creative and don't forget to snap a picture because this mask is very beautiful! hahaha~

Have you tried this kind of mask before? To buy this mask you can go to Korea Buys

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