Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack [Sponsored]

You know, I'm such a sucker when it comes to sheet mask. I love to try new brand and new kind of mask. Few weeks ago, I received a foot mask from Kocostar to try along with their slice mask sheet and also flower mask sheet. I've tried foot mask before from another brand, but this time the mask is slightly different with the one that I've tried. Curious?

The product's name is Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack.

Packaging: I love the packaging color, it is a mint green color and doff material. The direction on the back of the packaging is in english so I can understand it better.

Foot Mask: The first time I opened the packaging, I saw a large plastic mask. The mask have 2 layers, the outer layer is made from plastic and has a tape on each side, this way you can still walk eventhough you are wearing a foot mask. I personally love this idea! Whenever I use foot mask, I tend to lay down because I'm afraid that I will ruin the mask sheet (mostly made from cotton). But this brand, has another layer that makes it more comfortable to use. Inside, there is another layer made from cotton with a lot of cream/

To Use it: rip the big mask from the center line and put in on your clean foot, secure with the tape. Wait for 20-30 minutes.

After that, remove the mask sheet~ and walaaa~ my foot become super moist and smells good! hehehe. I personally love this mask as it can moisturise my dry foot, plus I still can walk around the house (make sure you use sandals) and do another things. Go to Korea Buys to buy this mask!

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