Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet [Sponsored]

Hello ladies, I'm back with a new review! This time I will talk about an interesting mask sheet from Kocostar. Have you heard about this brand? Well, Kocostar is a korean brand that focused on mask sheet for head to toe. Today I will talk about their slice mask sheet. Read more to find out about this interesting mask~

Packaging: Packed in a plastic packaging, the front cover is full color with the real picture of the fruirs and vegetable (Tomato, Lemon, Cucumber). While the back packaging is transparent, so I can easily saw the mask sheet from the outside. It also packed with hangul, no sign of english.

Judging from the outside, I can see the mask sheet contains a lot of essence, because it looks so wet. Each pack contains 2 sheet of mask, and 1 sheet contains 6 slices. One thing that I want to add, maybe it would be better if they have a zipper on its packaging, so I can re-use it again later. 

Varians: Tomato, Lemon, Cucumber

Mask Sheet: It is very unique, because mostly I use mask sheet with full face shape, but this time the shape is like vegetable slices. I used similar mask sheet before with cucumber varian, but for tomato and lemon, this is the first time I try it. The slices are vary in shapes and that makes it more real, like I cut the real tomato/lemon/cucumber. It contains a lot of essence and moisturize my skin well.

Direction to use: Peel off the slices from the packaging and put it on your face. You can use it all over your face or only at some area or another part of your body. ALSO, you can combine the mask! e.g: Use tomato on cheek, lemon on chin and forehead, while put some cucumber around eyes area.

TIPS: Because the shape is small, it tends to dry faster and fall off from the face, so it will be better to lay down and play your favourite music~

Overall, I think this mask is quite interesting and worth to try, especially if you too lazy to cut the real vegetable, this maybe a good solution for you~ Go to Korea Buys to buy this mask!


  1. waaa... kayak irisan buah beneran.. lucuu.. =)

  2. sha, aku sering liat ini di drugstore, tapi kupikir cuma buat mata aja hahaha. Unik banget, kapan kapan coba ah!

    XOXO, Cilla


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