Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How I Spent My Last IDR 250K?

Of course I would spend it on beauty products *lol* 

image source: Pinterest

I have this bad habit, online shopping *hence the name of my blog* almost everyday I will browse through online store, but fortunately I can control myself and not buy something new everyday hehehe. So, I bought few items few weeks ago, when I still haven't got my paycheck and I only left with few IDR in my bank account. But, the offer from some online store is quite tempting and I decided to bought some *woman classic reason: I NEED every items that I've bought* lol.

Here are how I spent my last IDR 250k  *around $18-$19*

From Blanja.com *e-commerce based in Indonesia, sometimes offer a nice prize for beauty products.* I bought 2 products: 

First one is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer. Been raved by many women outside there. I knew I was late because I just bought my concealer last week, but better late than never hehehe. I'm very curious with this "treatment concealer", I've tried similar concept of concealer before from The Balm and quite like it, hope this one also works good for me. The name sounds so good by the way. [Price: IDR 165K -- was on sale for IDR 99K]

Second, it's local brand called Mizzu Cosmetic Smart Liner Black. Again, this pen eyeliner is quite popular among local beauty blogger. So, I was curious to try it, also I don't have any pen eyeliner at this moment that's why I buy this pen :D [Price: IDR 85K -- was on sale for IDR 51K]

From Shopee *mobile marketplace based in Indonesia, offer free shipping for every IDR 70K order* I also bought 2 products from this platform:

Dove Nourishing Oil Shampoo. I believe this is the international version, because the one that we have in Indonesia is in different packaging. Contains 700ml of product, this bottle is quite huge and last with me for a while. I almost finish my first bottle and bought this as a stock. The formula is also different with the local one. This one is more liquid but has a very nice scent, better than the local one. [Price IDR 70K -- was on sale for IDR 56K]

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Dubbed as "must have item" for everyone, but I don't have one hahaha. Will see if it really works wonder for every skin problem especially dry skin related. [Price: IDR 30K -- was on sale for IDR 21K]

Total Damage: IDR 227K and I still save IDR 23K yay~ 

What do you think about my recent haul? Do you have suggestion what to review first?


  1. Keceh cehh isa dapet 4 item mana gede-gede pulak ...
    Butuh berguru dalam budgeting ini ^^

  2. aaaa maybelline age rewindnya wishlist banget sya :D #tapiconcealermsihnumpuk #tahannafsu
    #janganbelidulu wkwkw


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