Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Face Shop Air Cotton Make Up Base

Hello, today I will talk about my latest base make up from The Face Shop. I've mentioned about this product before on my haul post. So, I've been searching for a good mint base make up, because I have quite many acne scars and mint is good to cover redness. I'm planning to buy the local one from Make Over, but then I discovered the one from TFS with super affordable price on my favourite online shop. Since I don't have many time to go shopping *and also I always prefer online shopping*. I decided to bought this one.

Packaging: Stored in a plastic tube, this make up base look simple at the first glance. All in white color and small area with mint color to define the shade *they also have another shade called lavender, the purple one*

Speaking of the packaging, whenever I grab this product, I can feel an empty air inside the packaging especially on thd upper part. The material isn't a hard plastic, that's why sometimes the packaging tends to crooked if I squeeze it too hard. Now talking about squeezeing, remember to squeeze lightly when you have this product, because the cream comes out easily.

Shade available: Mint and Lavender
Amount / Price: 40 ml / around IDR 60.000,-

Texture: this base make up has a light texture and a nice scent which I can't really describe. It smells like floral but also like a body soap. The cream itself is green color but as soon I blend it on my face, it become white color and neutralize redness quite well. It absorb quickly and doesn't make me feel cakey. It also help to make my BB Cream glides more easy after that. 

I personally recommend this for those who has problem with redness. Furthermore this make up base also can wear alone without adding more BB Cream *I use it as my daily BB cream whenever I have a lot of acne scars*, It also already contains SPF 30/PA++

Now I'm eyeing the lavender one, I might buy it in near future hehehe~

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