Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Little Miracle Called:


Yes, I'm currently pregnant with a baby. yay! I have mixed feeling about my pregnancy. At one point, I'm very happy. Super Happy, and yes, I want to have a baby soon after I got married because I don't want to have a large age gap with my kids. But on the other side, pregnant makes me scared...about everything. About my baby, about the future, about the hospital, and anything else. hahaha.. Human sure is complicated, right?

Anyway, my first 2 months are quite unpleasant as I got morning sickness and nausea quite often everyday. But fortunately after 2 months it getting better. Still have the nausea but not as often as the first month. Life is like a roller coaster for me during this pregnancy. Because this is the first time, everything feel new and strange for me hehehe.

I also have something that I called condition swing *lol this is my own creation*. One day I can feel so energetic in the morning that I can do some house chores, drive to office and work for 8 hours, then when I come home I still feel healthy. But also there is a day when I feel so tired even I just wake up. hahaha..

My pregnancy highlight? My skin become acne-free since the day I found out I was pregnant. How come? The pregnancy hormone sure hit me hard hahaha. FYI, I've become very lazy since the first day. I even can go to sleep without wash my face *I usually don't wear any make up for daily activities* and no single acne come to my face for the first 3 months. After my first trisemester, I got some small zits around my forehead but it's quite invisible if you don't look at me closely. Plus, my skin is normally oily type, but recently it become dry type.

Also I'm become very very very lazy during this pregnancy. I even can go to sleep without wash my face with facial wash *omg* but the good thing is..I don't get any acne on my face hahaha ohh how I love this condition. Well, because I'm quite lazy for the next few months, I will apologize in advance if I don't really write a new post. But, I promise I will write a new post if I can.

Now I still have few months to go. Can't wait to meet my little baby.. I hope everything is fine and may GOD always bless you. Love and kiss, mommy.

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  1. Congratulations, Ce! Waa, lama nggak update, tau2 ada kabar gembira ^^
    Sehat terus ya, Ce sama si Baby :)


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