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Bed Time Routine!

I've been thinking about a topic for a while, when I discovered this new topic. I read about this topic mostly from foreign blogger. So the topic is on the title, it's about my bed time routine. To make it simple, what I do before I go to bed. Well, actually I don't really have anything special. But I guess doing same things everyday can be called a routine, right? hehehe..

I decided to divide my bed routine into 2 parts, weekdays and weekend. As I usually don't wear make up during weekday, I think my routine will be a little different on weekend.

Special Event: Althea Raya

Hello guys, tidak terasa sudah masuk bulan Juni dan juga bulan Ramadhan...Buat teman-teman yang beragama Islam, aku ucapin selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa ya~ semoga semuanya lancar sampai pada hari Raya nanti :) 
Ngomong-ngomong tentang hari Raya, aku punya kabar gembira buat teman-teman. Althea, e-commerce yang menjual beauty products langsung dari Korea Selatan, punya event spesial selama bulan ramadhan ini. Aku yakin teman-teman sudah tidak asing kan dengan Althea
Aku sering banget mention tentang online shop ini di blog. Selain barang-barangnya yang fresh from korea, Proses pengiriman Althea juga relatif cepat dan aman. Jadi paket kita pasti terjamin sampai di tangan kita. Althea juga sering mengusung merek-merek yang tidak ada di Indonesia, jadi suka banget kalau belanja di Althea :)
Nah, Apa sih event spesialnya? It is called Althea Raya!

Selama pembelanjaan di bulan Ramadhan ini, Althea akan memberikan packaging spesial seperti di atas. PS: Warna hijaunya cakeeppp banget :)

My Best Friends for Itchy Skin!

It is very common to have dry and itchy skin during pregnancy. I also experience the same things, especially on my stomach area. It is quite disturbing as I can scratch it freely *it will left my skin with stretch mark*, To deal with it I use some moisturizing products and now I want to share the products and also my beauty routine with you~