Monday, June 12, 2017

Bed Time Routine!

I've been thinking about a topic for a while, when I discovered this new topic. I read about this topic mostly from foreign blogger. So the topic is on the title, it's about my bed time routine. To make it simple, what I do before I go to bed. Well, actually I don't really have anything special. But I guess doing same things everyday can be called a routine, right? hehehe..

I decided to divide my bed routine into 2 parts, weekdays and weekend. As I usually don't wear make up during weekday, I think my routine will be a little different on weekend.

Let's start with my weekday bed time routine~
First of all, I always start with clean my face. During weekdays, I rarely wear any make up, so usually I will just use cleansing water to remove dirts, wash my face with cleansing gel, then pat some toner. After that I will continue with my skin care, such as eye cream and night cream. 

After finish with the beauty products, I usually drink 1 glass of water and keep a bottle next to my bed, in case I feel thirsty in the middle of the night. And then off I'm to bed. Usually I will check my social media when I lay on my bed, then after I pray I will completely close my eyes and sleep.

Sometimes, when I'm not lazy and in the mood of "me time", after washing my face and before my skincare routine, I will use a porepack to remove my blackheads and after that apply some mask sheet to make my skin moist. Then followed with the skincare.

For my weekend bed time routine~
Actually it's quite the same with weekdays, except usually I wear make up during weekend, and for that I need to remove it first. For my make up, I used 3 different remover. One is for eyes and lips, second is cleansing oil, then cleansing water. After that I wash my face with cleansing gel and apply some toner. Next, of I use eye cream and night cream.

The water routine and social media routine are also the same and I still pray before I sleep :)

I think that's all about my bed time routines. Quite boring, isn't it? hahaha... Do you have anything special that you'll do before you sleep? Well, a friend of mine can only sleep after listening to jazz song, and another friend need to read a book before sleeping. But, I think mine is quite simple hehehehe...


  1. It's a pretty straightforward routine. Mine is more boring than yours. :)

  2. I use double essence (if i'm not lazy), first using watery essence like you have then continue with thicker essence, i'm using cosrx galactomyces/snail essence, then top it with cream ^^


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